Realme Smart Scale and Smart LED Bulb launched in India

Realme has recently launched an event in India based on the unveiling of the Realme 8 and 8 Pro smartphones. The brand also exposed two accessories in the Realme Smart scale and Realme Smart LED Bulb.

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1. Realme Smart Scale

Realme Smart Scale does not only measure just bodyweight but it can be utilized to measure weights between 0.05kg to 150kg. The users can use it to weigh their fruits, vegetables, and also cats. It has been informed that the smart scale is manufactured with a 6mm tempered glass cover on its top.

This glass can withstand the stress of weights up to 350kg. The complete-scale is just only 23.3mm thin; the weight is 1.69kg without any battery. The scale is also equipped with transportable feet with a firm grip.

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The smart scale is contained a lot of amazing features, it can measure 16 different types of heath measurements which is included Weight, Fat rate, Body Mass Index(BMI), Muscle Mass, Body Age, Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), Lean Body, Moisture Rate, Muscle Rate, Visceral Fat Level, Skeletal Muscle, Bone,   Protein, fat Mass, and also it can measure Heart Rate. It is also has manufactured with several sensors, BIS, and also follows some advanced level algorithms which can able to keep the track of these measurements.

It also needs to know that it can support Bluetooth 5.0 and can be paired with a  companion smartphone through the Realme Link app. Multiple profiles are supported in this app through which the entire family can customize their daily reports.

It is energized by four AAA batteries and Realme depicts that the device can run 360days if one can use the scale 2-3 times a day. This Realme Smart Scale is available in two colors one is black and the other is white.

The price of the smart scale is Rs. 1999 and it will be ready for sale on 30th March through Realme India’s website.

2. Realme Smart LED Bulb

Realme Company also has launched a smart LED bulb which is available in two forms, one is 9W/800 Lumens brightness and the second one is 12W/1000 Lumens brightness. It has confirmed that the smart bulb is packed with 16 million colors so that the users can change to any color on their choices within the spectrum. The color temperature of the bulb is 1700k-6500k.

The big challenge is the harmful blue light in this era of proliferation of LCD/LED screens. It is very good that the smart bulb beams are entirely zero harmful Blue light. The price of the Realme Smart LED Bulb started from Rs. 799 for the 9W variant, and the 12W/1000 Lumens version, it comes with the price of Rs. 999. This smart bulb also goes on sale on 30th May in India on the website of Realme.


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