Intel could unveil its Xeon Ice Lake-SP lineup on 23rd March webcast

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The newly appointed Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, announced that his company will be hosting its ‘Intel Unleashed’ webcast on 23rd March. He also states that the most exciting things will happen during the webcast & we cannot wait for the event to unfold.

According to the tweet by Pat, the company will host its ‘Intel Unleashed’ event next week. The teaser image shows the picture of a silicon wafer, which is rumoured to be the 3rd Gen Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPUs.

The silicon is composed of 28 core Ice Lake-SP Xeon dies. And we have already heard the rumours that Intel would offer up to 40 core processors within its 3rd Gen Xeon family this time to tackle AMD. The Xeon lineup will be using the 10nm+ process node, and the processor will also be featuring the Sunny Cove core architecture, which was introduced back in 2019 and coming to servers in 2021.

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Intel’s Xeon Ice Lake-SP lineup is split between Platinum, Gold, and Silver SKUs, and the Xeon Platinum 8380 would feature 40 cores, a base clock of 2.30 GHz, and a 270W TDP. Intel has shown off its CPU benchmarks which easily beats AMD’s Rome CPUs.

CPU NameCores / ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheL2 CacheTDP
Xeon Platinum 838040 / 802.30 GHzTBA60 MB50.00 MB270W
Xeon Platinum 836838 / 762.40 GHzTBA57 MB47.50 MB270W
Xeon Platinum 8360Y36 / 722.40 GHzTBA54 MB45.00 MB250W
Xeon Platinum 835832 / 642.65 GHzTBA48 MB40.00 MB250W
Xeon Platinum 8358P32 / 642.60 GHzTBA48 MB40.00 MB240W
Xeon Platinum 8352S32 / 642.20 GHz3.40 GHz48 MB40.00 MB205W
Xeon Platinum 8352Y32 / 642.20 GHz3.40 GHz48 MB40.00 MB205W
Xeon Platinum 8352V36 / 722.10 GHzTBA54 MB45.00 MB195W
Xeon Platinum 8351N36 / 722.40 GHzTBA54 MB45.00 MB225W
Xeon Gold 635418 / 363.10 GHzTBA27 MB22.50 MB205W
Xeon Gold 634828 / 562.80 GHzTBA42 MB35.00 MB235W
Xeon Gold 634616 / 323.10 GHzTBA24 MB20.00 MB205W
Xeon Gold 634224 / 482.70 GHzTBA36 MB30.00 MB220W
Xeon Gold 633832 / 642.00 GHzTBA48 MB40.00 MB205W
Xeon Gold 6336Y24 / 482.40 GHzTBA36 MB30.00 MB185W
Xeon Gold 63348 / 163.50 GHzTBA12 MB10.00 MB165W
Xeon Gold 633028 / 562.00 GHzTBA42 MB35.00 MB205W
Xeon Gold 632616 / 322.80 GHzTBA24 MB20.00 MB185W
Xeon Gold 532026 / 522.20 GHzTBA39 MB16.25 MB185W
Xeon Gold 5318Y24 / 482.00 GHzTBA36 MB30.00 MB165W
Xeon Gold 531712 / 242.80 GHzTBA12 MB15.00 MB150W
Xeon Gold 5315Y8 / 163.00 GHzTBA12 MB10.00 MB150W
Xeon Silver 431620 / 402.30 GHzTBA30 MB25.00 MB150W
Xeon Silver 431416 / 322.30 GHzTBA24 MB20.00 MB135W
Xeon Silver 431012 / 242.10 GHzTBA12 MB15.00 MB135W
Xeon Silver 4309Y8 / 162.60 GHzTBA12 MB10.00 MB105W


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