Godzilla vs. Kong: The new Trailer Explore Kong’s Ending Scenario

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There is a brief chance to shoot from the latest Godzilla vs Kong trailer just has explored how Kong’s journey will be ended after ending the fight with Godzilla. The new trailer of Godzilla vs Kong may reveal how the story of Kong ended.

The new trailer that has recently revealed the fourth most controversial monster verse story and the cast shows how all of the worlds are divided by the fight between the terrible Titans.

It is just not based on the fan base but also the characters that are grouped into two parts ”Team Kong” and “{ Team Godzilla”, and it is cleared that many of the human characters will accept Kong as a terminator and hoping for the best of saving the world.

Godzilla vs. Kong Introduces Kong's Surprising Human Connection
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In this we will see a young girl who has made a very close bond with Kong, the human protagonists will present to give aid to Kong, who is shown as a very sympathetic creature.

Kong has faced a villain who is a Godzilla and turned into destroying human civilization for some unknown reasons. In the first trailer, the fight on the top position of the battleship also indicates Godzilla as an instigator of the opposite with Kong. The two of the creature have appeared with a clash with each other, which has continued from an ancient period.

Punters in the States are actually laying bets on the winner of Godzilla  vs. Kong - GQ

Godzilla Vs. Kong turned Mechagodzilla into A Real Titan

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It has expected that Godzilla vs. Kong will be taken Kong and the human being on a journey to know more about the terrible Titan war, and also discovering the real truth based on the origins of the titans and revealed the Hollow World.

It is about that time when Kong has possessed a powerful axe that he will be going to use against the King of Monsters, now it will be seen how their fight plays out and what thing will happen after that, it may be revealed in the new ”Team Kong Vs Team Godzilla” trailer.

The new Godzilla Vs. Kong trailer is teased Kong’s Ending

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In this trailer, the footage between 1:27 to 1:29 could be received from Godzilla vs. Kong’s ending. In this, we have seen four of the human character on the outside in a cold entertainment.

It can be analyzed by Jia’s emphatic touch, the girl who can understand Kong and speak to it by using sign language, that only the titan who have their attention. In an image of a shoot, it has shown that Kong is standing in the snow and looking into the backside and all the human bidding a farewell as the fight with Godzilla has ended.

GvK is the new home of Kong

After the scene of Jia and others who are bidding goodbye to Kong in the snow that could rise naturally a question about why the journey of Kong has ended here.  Kong has been living in Skull Island all of his life, like his parents.

He is like a self-appointed protector that he has to keep and also safe from the Skull crawlers since the starting of the years.

It may be that Skull Island will be destroyed in the early scene of Godzilla vs. Kong. The plot of this film revealed that it will begin with the efforts only to cease a global threat on Skull Island, which is the entrance to the Hollow Earth tunnels.

If the titans decide to leave Skull Island uninhabitable, they should take Kong with them. If they really trust Kong as the last hope, then they should understand that finding a new home is how much important for Kong after the battle with Godzilla. It is assumed that one possible option may be the Hollow Earth itself, which is the place where his ancestors are belonging from.

Human Survivors

It is expected that the previous film Kong: Skull Island which has featured the death of Dr. Serizawa, will also be repeated in Godzilla vs. Kong, but it’s not clear that which characters will be going to survive in the story.

It is assumed that if this is the ending of the story then definitely will going to focus on Jia, Nathan, Ilene, and Maia who are present in this clip. It is expected that this film will be a big blockbuster in the cinematic world.

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