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The Fabled Woods and System Shock Demo shows how UE4 integration is paying off quickly for DLSS

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NVIDIA has been giving the gamers some good time as they have added quite a number of games to its DLSS library in the last couple of months. Now their latest support into Unreal Engine has helped a lot of games to be developed with DLSS support out-of-the-box.

UE4 Integration Paying Off Quickly for DLSS

Just last month, NVIDIA announced that game developer could access DLSS via a plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26 (UE4), making it easier for them to add the technology to their games. Game developers are quickly taking advantage of the tech, with the new The Fabled Woods and System Shock Demo emerging as the first games to add DLSS using the plug-in (more below).

The Fabled Woods Get Ray Tracing and DLSS

Newcomer CyberPunch Studios and Headup Games implemented DLSS in The Fabled Woods in less than a day:

“Adding NVIDIA DLSS to The Fabled Woods was easy thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, and the impact it makes on performance is substantial.” Joe Bauer, Founder CyberPunch Studios. “With the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, adding DLSS to The Fabled Woods was a no-brainer; it really opens DLSS up to a whole new world of developers.”

The Fabled Woods and System Shock Demo shows how UE4 integration is paying off quickly for DLSS
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The result was performance boosts of up to 1.6x  at 4K, enabling gamers with the GeForce RTX 3070 and up to experience The Fabled Woods with maxed out settings and all ray tracing effects enabled at over 60 FPS at 3840×2160. 

Impressive for just a day’s work! 

The Fabled Woods launches on March 25 with ray-traced reflections, ray-traced shadows, and ray-traced global illumination (built using our optimized RTXGI SDK). With NVIDIA DLSS, frame rates are greatly accelerated, giving you smoother gameplay and the overhead to enable higher-quality effects, higher rendering resolutions, and more ray tracing, for the most immersive experience possible. 

A Gaming Classic Gets a Makeover – System Shock Demo Gets DLSS

1994’s System Shock is one of the most influential ‘immersive sim’ action-adventure games of all time, and Night Dive Studios is remaking the entire game in Unreal Engine 4 so a new generation of players can experience it. 

The Fabled Woods and System Shock Demo shows how UE4 integration is paying off quickly for DLSS

DLSS more than doubles the frame rate at 4K in the game. 

“The Unreal Engine 4 plugin makes light work of adding NVIDIA DLSS to your game, in fact, we dropped it in over the weekend,” said Matthew Kenneally, Lead Engineer and title at Night Dive Studios. “Bringing System Shock to a new generation of gamers has been a labour of love for our team, and the impact NVIDIA DLSS will have on the player’s experience is undeniable.”

With this massive speed up, most GeForce RTX 30 Series desktop GPUs can max out System Shock’s graphics at 4K and play at a buttery smooth 120 FPS for an amazing experience. And at 2560×1440, every single GeForce RTX GPU can play System Shock at over 144 FPS, with most exceeding 240 FPS!

You can try DLSS today in the free demo on Steam.

Crysis Remastered Keyart

Crysis Remastered – Now with DLSS

Cryteks’s Crysis got a remaster last year, bringing a fresh new look to the seminal 2007 classic shooter. With a recent patch, you get a performance boost to kick up the graphics even higher thanks to NVIDIA DLSS support. 

Only GeForce RTX GPUs feature the Tensor Cores that power DLSS, and with DLSS now available in nearly 40 titles, and counting, GeForce RTX offers PC gamers the definitive gaming experience in leading triple-A titles and indie darlings.

Outriders Bundled with NVIDIA Laptops

People Can Fly, and Square Enix’s Outriders has been showered in praise since the release of its demo in February, and NVIDIA is busy helping add DLSS support to the game for the launch on April 1. NVIDIA is now offering a digital Steam copy of Outriders to buyers of eligible GeForce RTX laptops at participating partners.

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