Why Mobile is the Future of Many Industries Including Gaming

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Mobile technology has been partnered with numerous industries and because of this, many businesses can keep up with modern times. Not so long ago, people were more willing to spend money on computers and gaming consoles, but today is different. People would rather spend money on powerful mobile devices or smartphones and this is why mobile tech is now dominating many industries including gaming.

The rapid development of mobile technology has made the growth of the mobile market bigger. Today, there are so many things that people can do with their smartphone devices including playing games that only gaming consoles and computers were capable of running back in the day. Even real money games and gambling are now easily accessed with a mobile device. 

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Many gamblers would now use a smartphone to place their bets on their favorite sports events like the NBA, the English Premier League, and the Indian Premier League. A gambler can easily download an EPL, NBA, or IPL betting app for Android and iOS devices. These are simply things that we never thought would be possible with a small mobile device when the internet started.

Why More Industries are Focusing on the Mobile Market

A quick answer to this is because of the size of the mobile market. It is estimated that there are now around 4 billion smartphone users worldwide. The global mobile market size is also estimated to be at around 65.1 billion US dollars in 2019 and based on trends, it should be able to grow bigger in the next few years.

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These numbers already show how big the mobile market is and businesses know it very well. If they also give attention to the mobile market, they should be able to reach around 4 billion people worldwide. This is why the gambling industry is also shifting towards going mobile.

Gambling companies are now releasing their apps to better cater to mobile users. Now that many land casinos are still operating at limited capacity, more people are turning to online casinos and many of them would rather use their smartphones to gamble.

When it comes to gaming, popular computer and console games are also starting to acknowledge how big the mobile gaming market has become. Popular titles like FIFA, The Sims, Call of Duty, and League of Legends now have mobile versions of their popular games. 

These games are quick to become popular because who would have thought that these games can be played with a mobile device back then? As smartphones become cheaper yet powerful, it is also likely that more people will get into mobile gaming.

This is what’s happening in countries like India. India has one of the biggest populations worldwide and as smartphones are easier to access, the more the country contributes to the global mobile market revenues. It also helps that the internet infrastructure in the country is getting better. 

What the Future Has in Store

While we can already say that smartphones today are pocket-sized computers, there are still a lot in store for mobile users. VR and AR technology has also been joining the trend. Many smartphone functions including gaming are starting to use these technologies to enhance the experience of mobile users.

The availability of the 5G internet connection will also be revolutionary for mobile users. With 5G browsing the internet will no longer be a hassle and for gaming, this could improve how mobile games work. Cloud gaming will also become a popular option with 5G. When this happens, gaming won’t have to be expensive anymore because people should be able to play any games on any device.

5G is still only available in select areas but it shouldn’t take long before more countries will catch up. India is expected to have its very first 5g connection this year. In the US, this is already available in different locations throughout the country like in Arizona, California, Florida, and many more. 


The pandemic has also somehow boosted the use of mobile devices in 2020. Many countries announced lockdowns and quarantine periods that led to many people staying at home most of the time. With that, people simply had to find new activities and most of these are online. Many resorted to gaming and online casinos. 

Social media are also widely accessed with mobile devices. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are mainly used by mobile users. With that, continuous development of mobile devices is demanded by users. We can only expect that mobile tech will get even better in the coming years.

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Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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