Google accuses Microsoft of muddying the waters to distract from recent security issues

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Google and Microsoft are the two of the biggest rivals of the web world. And it is not a surprise that both the companies will always be at the throat of each other. I mean, one can assume that Google and Microsoft engineers have collaborated successfully to produce the amazing Chromium-Edge. But it seems like the rivals are back at their usual self again.

In recent news, Google has launched a scathing attack on Microsoft today, accusing it of trying “to break the way the open web works to undercut a rival.” According to sources, the Android maker is upset about what it believes is an attack by Microsoft to undermine the company’s efforts to support journalism and publishers.

We all know the recent scuffle on Facebook and Google with the Australian administration. Google threatened to remove its search engine from Australia in response to a law that would force Google to pay news publishers for their content.

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Nonetheless, the law was passed in Australia last month, and just a few days before the passing of the law, Google carved a deal with News Corp and other publishers that ensured its services continue to be available in Australia.

What irked Google was that Microsoft was very clear and public about its support of Australia’s new law, and it even teamed up with European publishers to call for online platforms to reach deals to pay news outlets for content. All this didn’t sit well with Google, as it thinks that Microsoft is getting involved where it shouldn’t, and it has turned into a big spat between the two web giants.

“They are now making self-serving claims and are even willing to break the way the open web works to undercut a rival. This latest attack marks a return to Microsoft’s longtime practices.

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“It’s no coincidence that Microsoft’s newfound interest in attacking us comes on the heels of the SolarWinds attack and at a moment when they’ve allowed tens of thousands of their customers … to be actively hacked via major Microsoft vulnerabilities. Microsoft was warned about the vulnerabilities in their system, knew they were being exploited, and are now doing damage control while their customers scramble to pick up the pieces from what has been dubbed the Great Email Robbery. So maybe it’s not surprising to see them dusting off the old diversionary Scroogled playbook.” — Google

Just as the House Judiciary Committee is looking at the antitrust and commercial aspects of competition for a free and diverse press, Google has engaged in a verbal spat against Microsoft. In Google’s stand, the Android maker argues it doesn’t make money from Google News, but Microsoft argues it’s a lot more complicated and involves Google Search ads, ad tech business, ad exchange, ad tech tools, and Google’s overall consumer dataset.

“News organizations have ad inventory to sell, but they can no longer sell directly to those who want to place ads. Instead, for all practical purposes, they must use Google’s tools, operate on Google’s ad exchanges, contribute data to Google’s operations, and pay Google money. All this impacts the ability of news organizations to benefit economically even from advertising on their sites.” — Microsoft

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