Intel working on its 56-core Sapphire Rapids Xeon APU to crush AMD’s Zen 4

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Intel and AMD have been at each other’s throats for a while now, with team red currently leading in the multi-core segment. However, intel’s upcoming Rocket Lake is expected to get AMD’s best in single-core performance. As to whether the Rocket Lake provides worth remains to be seen.

In recent news, a YouTube channel called Moore’s Law Is Dead posted an intriguing rumour, suggesting that Intel has a mega APU in the works to try to “leapfrog” AMD. It states that team blue is done catching up to its competitor and secretly developing its weapon to surpass its rival.

However, if one is to assume how intel might accomplish this, we can state that it could release a Sapphire Rapids Xeon APU. Being an APU would mean that the chip would also possess an iGPU, and it seems there would be some room for a Samsung HBME2 Flashbolt memory solution.

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According to the YouTube channel, a skunkworks project inside Intel involves a team working on such an APU for the Sapphire Rapids series, which is expected to make an appearance in 2022 or 2023. The SKUs have up to 56-core and involve a four-chipset design.

Integrating Intel’s Xe iGPU in such a mega APU would likely offer up to the dGPU-level performance. The channel also points out that AMD should be worried about such a project, especially as Intel has an engineer as CEO (Pat Gelsinger).

But because AMD’s new Zen-4 architecture is the beast in all sense, you have to accept the fact that AMD will not be easily taken down. On the server-side, Zen 3 EPYC Milan has been dominating, and Zen 4 EPYC Genoa is already shaping up to be devastating with a 96-core monster in its ranks and the presence of PCIe gen 5/DDR5 support.

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It’s possible that with the release of Intel’s new surprise APU, we might see a mega battle ahead of us.


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