Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Mobile Internet Speed for January 2021

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Since the pandemic-inflicted year of 2020 saw the world starting to work from the comforts of their home, fast internet speed has almost become a basic necessity. Ookla (of the fame), which often does deep dives into internet speeds around the globe, has now posted its findings of global mobile internet speeds for January 2021.

Here’s a look at Top 10 countries with the fastest mobile internet speeds for January 2021.

  1. United Arab Emirates

Download Speed: 183.03Mbps

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Upload Speed : 29.50Mbps

Latency: 22ms

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), sometimes simply called the Emirates tops the list of fastest mobile internet speed for January 2021 according to Oookla of the Speed Test Global Index. The middle-eastern country provides an impressive download speed of 183.03 Mbps, matched by no other country.

  1. South Korea
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 Download Speed: 171.26Mbps

 Upload Speed: 22.86Mbps

 Latency: 31ms

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The second spot in the Top 10 list is occupied by the East Asian country of South Korea. One of Asia’s economic and cultural leaders, South Korea provides a mobile internet download speed of 171.26Mbps, bested only by the UAE.

  1. Qatar

Download Speed: 170.65Mbps

Upload Speed: 27.70Mbps

Latency: 22ms

Third on the list is another Middle Eastern country, this time in the form of Qatar. Economically, one of the strong hands of the world, Qatar, provides a mobile internet download speed of 170.65 Mbps.

  1. China

Download Speed: 149.68Mbps

Upload Speed: 29.69Mbps

Latency: 28ms

Asia’s largest economy, China, occupies the fourth spot on the list. The technologically advanced country provides a mobile internet download speed of 149.68 Mbps.

  1. Saudi Arabia

Download Speed: 115.84Mbps

Upload Speed: 21.50Mbps

Latency: 35ms

A third Middle Eastern country in the top 5 of the list is Saudi Arabia. It provides a mobile internet download speed of 115.84 Mbps.

  1. Norway

Download Speed: 107.83Mbps

Upload Speed: 19.16Mbps

Latency: 32ms

The first European entrant in the list comes at number six in the form of Norway. The Nordic country in Northern Europe provides a mobile internet download speed of 107.83 Mbps.

  1. Kuwait

Download Speed: 105.01Mbps

Upload Speed: 22.47Mbps

Latency: 23ms

The last of the Middle Eastern countries on the list is Kuwait. Officially, the State of Kuwait provides a mobile internet download speed of 105.01 Mbps.

  1. Australia

Download Speed: 104.16Mbps

Upload Speed: 16.40Mbps

Latency: 29ms

The island county of Australia comes eighth on the list. The largest country in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest country by total area provides a mobile internet download speed of 104.16 Mbps.

  1. Netherlands

Download Speed: 97.84Mbps

Upload Speed: 20.54Mbps

Latency: 26ms

The first country on the list with a download speed of less than 100 is the European country of Netherlands, providing a mobile internet download speed of 97.84 Mbps.

  1. Canada

Download Speed: 94.55Mbps

Upload Speed: 14.02Mbps

Latency: 30ms

The last spot in our list is occupied by the First North American in it. Canada provides a mobile internet download speed of 94.55 Mbps, which is the fastest of any country from both North and South America.

The total number of countries sampled by Ookla was 140. India ranked at 131, which effectively puts it in the bottom 10. With an average mobile internet download speed of 12.41Mbps, India has now dropped two places from 129 in December 2020.


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