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Top 10 countries with the Fastest Fixed Broadband Internet Speed for January 2021

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Ookla (of the fame), which often does deep dives into internet speeds around the globe, has now posted its findings of global fixed broadband internet speeds for January 2021. Fixed broadband encompasses any high-speed data transmission to any fixed location, it could be a residence or a business, using a variety of technologies, including cable, DSL, fibre optics, and wireless.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 countries with the fastest fixed broadband internet speeds.

  1. Singapore

Download Speed: 247.54 Mbps


Upload Speed: 228.08 Mbps

Latency: 12 ms

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The top 3 in this list are all Asian countries. First, with the fastest fixed broadband internet download speed of 247.54 Mbps is Singapore. The Southeast Asian country maintains its top spot from December 2020.

  1. Hong Kong (SAR)
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Download Speed: 229.45 Mbps

Upload Speed: 209.80 Mbps

Latency: 12 ms


Second, on the list is Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China). Its average broadband internet download speed is of 229.45 Mbps. The Chinese SAR maintains its second spot from December 2020.

  1. Thailand

Download Speed: 220.59 Mbps

Upload Speed: 175.47 Mbps

Latency: 7 ms

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The third and final Asian country on the list is Thailand. Officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam, the country provides a fixed broadband internet download speed of 220.59 Mbps.

  1. Romania

Download Speed: 198.01 Mbps

Upload Speed: 146.53 Mbps

Latency: 12 ms

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Now starts the European dominance in the list. We begin with Romania, a country located at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It provides a fixed broadband internet download speed of 198.01 Mbps.

  1. Denmark

Download Speed: 190.32 Mbps

Upload Speed: 139.40 Mbps

Latency: 13 ms

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Fifth on our list is the Nordic country of Denmark. The southernmost of the Scandinavian countries, it provides a fixed broadband internet download speed of 190.32 Mbps.

6. France

Download Speed: 188.03 Mbps

Upload Speed: 131.52 Mbps

Latency: 23 ms

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France, home to the Eiffel Tower, comes sixth on our list. The Western European country provides a fixed broadband internet download speed of 188.03 Mbps. France has gone up two places from its eighth spot in December 2020.

7. Monaco 

Download Speed: 187.88 Mbps

Upload Speed: 89.08 Mbps

Latency: 19 ms

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A sovereign city-state, country, and microstate, Monaco, is seventh on our list with a fixed broadband internet download speed of 187.88. Monaco saw a similar two-spot jump from December 2020 like France.

8. Switzerland

Download Speed: 187.08 Mbps

Upload Speed: 119.19 Mbps

Latency: 12 ms

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Switzerland, which was fifth on the list in December 2020, see a three-spot drop to eighth with a fixed broadband internet download speed of 187.08 Mbps.

9. Spain

Download Speed: 186.06 Mbps

Upload Speed: 157.36 Mbps

Latency: 19 ms

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With the biggest jump in our list, Spain climbs five spots to ninth this month with a fixed broadband internet download speed of 186.06 Mbps.

10. Hungary

Download Speed: 185.92 Mbps

Upload Speed: 88.27 Mbps

Latency: 15 ms

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The tenth on our list is Hungary. The Central European country has fallen three places to tenth with a fixed broadband internet download speed of 185.92 Mbps.

The total number of countries sampled by Ookla for global broadband internet speed was 175. India ranked at 65, with an average fixed broadband internet download speed of 54.73 Mbps, upload speed of 51.33 Mbps, and latency of 16ms. India maintains its 65th spot from December 2020.

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