Top 10 Thrillers to Watch on Amazon Prime Video in 2021

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If the thriller movies are very effective, they will definitely hit the audience’s heart by obscuring the characters and events and tantalizing information that the on-screen heroes do not provide. Thriller type is a category of film built up in some cultural fabrics in the entire world.

In the top list of OTT platforms, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best and most renowned platforms for all categories of thrilling stuff. There are a huge collection of thrillers available in it.

Here is a list of thrillers available on Amazon Prime Video:

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10. The Cabin in the Woods

Some college students who were found a remote cabin in the forest where they think they will be able to enjoy and made fun but instead of this they faced a technician in an underground lab who observing them and also feeding them drugs and also monsters and zombies were attacking them.

9. The Report

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The story is based on an investigation and also the controversy about the torture used by the CIA revolves around the terrorist attacks on September 11th. The Senate Intelligence Committee examined 6700 pages of a report by Daniel Jones.

8. Climax

It is a hallucinogenic thrilling ride like no other was followed by the members of an up and also a coming dance troupe who had met in the get-together at an abandoned school to maintain their new routine.

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7. Overlord

It depicts a paratrooper squad who is dropped exactly behind the enemy lines before some hours of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. After landing there what they will discover is beyond explanation.

6. Leave No Trace

The story is about two men Tom and Will who are life in a tranquil but out of the existence of the radar in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest. There they surviving with nature’s bounty and camping fireplaces and at last discovered by park authorities.

5. Knives Out

The story is based on a family reunion that has ended in a tragedy with the death of the patriarch. A master detective was appointed to figure out who is the culprit. It is a classic thriller with modern twists.

4. The Prestige

It depicts a magic act tragedy, a lifelong rivalry between assistant magicians Robert Angier and Alfred Borden As they are at the top of their career, they are competing with their power to outwit, Undermine, and also attack the stage act of another performer.

3. The Man from Nowhere

It is about an action thriller star Won Bin who is a former special agent and turned into an owner of a pawnshop and become friends with his neighbor’s daughter. But that girl steals a large amount of heroin.

2. High Life

The story of a man who survives with a life that was sentenced for a murder that he committed years ago. There is a scientist named Dr. Dibs who is gathering alternative energies from the destination of the ship, a black hole.

1. Blow the Man Down

The story of two siblings named Priscilla and Mary Beth who are not well enough after their mother’s funeral and they have to commit a complicating struggle of murder. After disposing of the body, the sisters are far away from the woods when searching has started by local enforcement.

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