Israeli start-up innovates ultra-charge battery for EV

Electric cars are a real hot topic in the industry, with the world slowly starting to realize the importance of Electric Vehicles. But the major hurdle in implementing these cars has been related to their batteries. There has not been any significant breakthrough in the battery technology for electric vehicles but things are certainly looking on the bright side now.

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In recent news, an Israeli start-up, StoreDot, has developed a new lithium-ion battery that it says could eliminate the “range anxiety” associated with electric cars. According to the company, its first first-generation lithium-ion battery can rival a standard car’s filling time at the pump.

“We are changing the entire experience of the driver, the problem of ‘range anxiety’… that you might get stuck on the highway without energy.”

The start-up is not something simple, as four key investors are backing it: German automobile manufacturer Daimler, the UK’s British Petroleum, and the electronic giants Samsung and TDK. The new technology eliminates the hours required to recharge an electric car.

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The manufacturer has tested hundreds of prototypes of its technology, on phones, drones, and scooters, before tackling electric vehicles’ big prize.

Though it is a remarkable breakthrough, analysts suggest that there are still many hurdles to be crossed before getting into actual market implementation.

“We are still far off from the industrial automotive market. This lightweight, rechargeable, and a powerful battery are now used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles”.

Beyersdorf, the company’s founder stated that “We wanted to demonstrate that you can take a lithium-ion battery, replace some of its materials and then charge it in five minutes. We are taking that amazing innovation of the lithium-ion battery and upgrading it to extreme fast charging capability.”

Still, the technology will require significant field testing before being implemented. Electric cars are still extremely pricey, one of the major reasons for their heavy prices is due to how hard it is to charge them and how costly it is to produce and maintain their batteries.



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