TikTok testing a new Q&A feature for creators

TikTok, even though the platform didn’t have a good year in 2020, is still going strong. And undoubtedly we still have many lovers of the platform who are hoping for the service to make a comeback.

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Amidst all the ruckus, the company seems to be going strong with new features for its platform. In recent reports, TikTok has officially launched a new Q&A feature that’s designed to help creators answer questions from their fans. The feature is available on both pre-recorded and live videos and works by having viewers mark their comments as a question.

Creators have the option to either answer questions via a text comment or video reply. The feature enables the presenter of live videos to select questions from a dedicated menu, and then choose to highlight them during live responses.

In case of video replies, Q&A comments can be added as stickers, this sticker will be linked back to the video where the question was originally asked. All the Q&A’s are also aggregated in one separate space in the creator’s profile section, and it also serves as another place for viewers to ask questions.

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TikTok says the feature is available for Creator Accounts, which anyone can switch to via the “Manage account” option in settings. “To turn on Q&A, go to your settings and privacy page, select Creator, tap Q&A, and hit the “Turn on Q&A” button to activate the feature,” the company says.

The Q&A feature is an opt-in feature to Creator Accounts with over 10,000 followers. Now, it’s available worldwide to anyone who wants to opt-in.



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