The Division is planning to add a new mode in late 2021, previous Seasons will be re-runned

Ubisoft did announce in the last month that Division 2 could live longer than it was expected, as it’s going to receive more content in 2021. Massive Entertainment, the Division 2 developer disclosed a bit more about what we can expect, including a new model that will be “entirely new” to the Division. They also informed that the game has crossed 40 million players. Below, you can check out a few more spectacular stats.

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Here is a bit more information about the coming big update of The Division 2:

“As announced a few weeks back, we have begun work on new content for The Division 2. A group of project veterans will lead the development of this content at Ubisoft Massive. This will see Adrian Trasca and Yannick Banchereau staying at the project’s helm as producers and associate creative directors. We are also excited to announce that the new content will be made with the support of a talented group of developers at Ubisoft Bucharest.”

“In the next major update, we are looking to bring a game mode that is entirely new to the franchise. Along with the game mode, we are investigating new ways to progress your agent, emphasizing increasing build variety and viability. We will be revealing more about what lies ahead as the update gets closer. This new update is still in its early stages and will take several months to complete. We will be taking this time to make sure we bring a meaningful change to the game.”

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While we are waiting for the brand new mode, The Division 2 will allow its players to tackle old events and collect some goodies they missed out, by re-running the previous seasons. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC.



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