AMD’s EPYC Zen 3 Milan 7713 outclasses Intel Xeon W-3175X

Advanced Micro Devices, produced Zen 3 Milan server series are the termed as truly the next-generation of server CPUs. The company’s server series have already started to make its appearance on various benchmarks and leaks. Recently, however, we got to see the appearance of top-end CPUs from the series on Geekbench.

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The two CPUs which made recent entries were EPYC 7763 and EPYC 7713. Both the models, though, didn’t give out much information about them but were enough to mesmerize us. The AMD EPYC 7713 has a 64-core and 128-thread configuration along with a lower TDP of 225 W compare to the EPYC 7763, whose TDP is 280 W. The 7713 also has a much lower base clock of 2.00 GHz vs. the EPYC 7763, whose base clock speed is 2.45 GHz.

But in the benchmark results, the EPYC 7713 recorded a maximum frequency of 3.72 GHz as part of a Capri server from the Taiwanese firm MiTAC, which was utilizing Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS as its operating system.

According to fresh sources, the single-core score was 1,382 points, not something too great, but the multi-core score was an incredible 43,333 points. The chip was still the first-ever tested sample, and we know that the performance results will greatly vary when the actual CPU makes its appearance in the market.

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Still, when the results are compared with some existing monsters in the market, we find that the Zen 3 Milan server CPU’s score is +73.16% higher than the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X’s average mark, and it is still over +13.17% ahead of some of the higher-performing Zen 2-based CPUs.

Coming to Intel, the upcoming server CPU from AMD clearly and unsurprisingly outclasses the Intel Xeon W-3175X with its 28 cores. The EPYC 7713 takes a huge +100.04% advantage over the Skylake-X processor’s average score.

The initial benchmark scores take our hopes up considerably high regarding the upcoming AMD Zen-3 Milan CPUs.

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