Top 10 Romantic Films to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is an incredible and most famous online video streaming service that we all know. There is every kind of movie and shows are available in it. We all want to spend some precious time with our loved ones and if we spent this time with some incredible romantic film which can help to boost our relationship with our loved ones that will be amazing. The collection of romantic movies in Amazon Prime Video is very high.

Here is a list of Top 10 Romantic films available on Amazon Prime Video:

10. Sex and the City

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If you are finding for some romantic films, then this is definitely the one you should watch. The story of this film is based on the life of about four very smart and dynamic women. Despite different kinds of ups and downs, they are stick together of life and love.

9.Return to Me

The story of this movie is about a man named Bob Rueland who is a widower and visiting a new town to meet his old pals. After losing his wife about two years ago, her heart was donated to very needy people. There he falls in love with a woman named Grace Briggs who was the recipient of the heart of his dead wife.

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8.The Choice

The story of this film is based on a lady’s man who has thought that a serious relationship would ruin his lifestyle and there is also a man named gabby Holland, a student of medical feisty is trying to settle down with her boyfriend. Then there some turns and twists in the story of the film.

7.Because I said so

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The story of this film is based on a mother who doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes she made in her life. She has three daughters between them elder and the middle one are established but the younger one is a mess, so to help her she finds the perfect man.

6.Modern Love

It is an anthology romantic comedy film that depicts love in all kinds of complicated and beautiful forms. Each pat is consumed with some different story which is inspired by the newspaper’s famous Modern Love column.

5.Four Weddings and a Funeral

The story of this film is based on a man named Charles who is part of a group of four friends who have to visit four weddings and a funeral in London. Charles has a very charming and great behavior personality. In the first two weddings, Charles meets a girl named Carrie and falls in love but not able to tell her, where the third wedding was Carrie herself and that turns into a disaster.

4.What If?

The story of this film is about a medical school dropout Wallace who is stucked in a bad relationship with everyone around him even if her roommate has got their partner. At last, she found a boyfriend named Ben who lives a long time with her and a strong friendship build-up between them.

3.Me Before You

The story is about a woman named Louisa Clark who works to give support to her family. After she getting hired by a caregiver who is become paralyzed after an accident two years ago and also has a nurse named Will. As Will and Louise spent more time together they become very close to each other.

2.The Lobster

It is an incredibly romantic film with a cute love story of an adorable couple. The story is about a magical and also a gloomy place where people are visited to find their love and who are unable to find it falls in love with her favorite animal that is one of the problems of it.

1.The Big Sick

The famous star Kumail Nanjiani is known to all. The story of this movie is based on this talented actor that tells about the early day’s life of him. The time when he just had moved to the US and struggling to find true love and also the soul mate.

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