All the details about ‘WandaVision’ Season Finale

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In the revelations of an episode, a meaty superhero has fought and torn out the character moments. The series WandaVision has brought one of the MCU’s most versatile chapters to a very close but also depicts a phase 4.

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The True Plan & Agatha Harkness’s Powers

After dropping the Agnes by Kathryn Hahn and will become the Agatha Harkness that was suspected by everyone. Wanda Maximoff has created the Hex itself. In episode 9 it has confirmed that the true power of Agatha is absorbing the magical powers of others, the technique that she used previously to wipe out her coven, Agatha started to claim the power of Wanda for her own. After showing Wanda how broken Westview is Agatha was promised to stabilize the spell and offered bliss instead for the power of the Scarlet Witch.

WandaVision': What Exactly Did Vision Do to the White Vision?
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The reason behind White Vision by Hayward

Agatha is not the only villain of WandaVision. The director Hayward also played the final one. The vision is Hayward wants to kill the one that Wanda Created. Then the white vision will be picked by him from the rubble, thus taking the glory for the precious asset.

Every Character And What They Are Up To By The End Of WandaVision Finale!

Scarlet Witch

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Agatha Harkness comes to know that Wanda was the legendary Scarlet Witch after the reruns of Wanda’s past, but episode 9 depicts the discovery of this ominous. The Scarlet Witch is a mythological character among the magic users. It also indicates that the fate of Wanda was never set in stone.

It is the combinations of infinity stone juice, magical talent, and also personal grief that lit up the fire created by Scarlet Witch. Agatha will tell Wanda that she is stronger than the supreme that elevates above Scarlet Witch above Doctor Strange, it also connects the brand of magic practiced by Wanda and Agatha to the mystic arts.

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Quicksilver’s Role

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The fans of WandaVision are a little bit disappointed with Mephisto, Magneto, and Doctor Strange in the final episode. Peter Quicksilver also has the curiosity for his mind-boggling in the debut of WandaVision. It is a mystery about the character of Quicksilver and also why he has many similarities with the guy in the X-Men film.

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Wanda is a Villain

After promising about the fixing of Westview Agatha was lying about it but Wanda has to face much tough emotional pain to free Westview and also to save her family. It is an essential moment of WandaVision. Now the main question is Elizabeth Olsen’s character able to save innocent people.

WandaVision': What Exactly Did Vision Do to the White Vision?

Vision of Reborn

If the cycle of life and death is a constant loop in WandaVision then it is a vision himself to explore that. On the question of the Westview Vision, Wanda replied that her reborn husband was crafted from the wires, bone, and blood, but it becomes possible because of the power of the Mind Stone within Wanda that created Vision back to life in the Hex.

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Future of Scarlet Witch

After the transformation of Wanda into the real Scarlet Witch, the villain has warned that something happens to reveal. The Marvel comics have derived the power of Scarlet Witch from a powerful almighty God Chthon. After accepting the magical gifts Wanda from MCU invite Chthon into the mortal place.

Agatha started to tell that Scarlet Witch is not good, she is only to destroy the world and the evil will be unleashed in the final battle of WandaVision that could be the fulfillment of that dark prediction.

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