AMD continues its gaining streak on Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey

It looks AMD is non-stoppable in the Steam’s Hardware & Software Survey as it climbs Intel’s humongous market share each month. Last month, AMD had gained a 0.67% share taking the competition to 28.66% total share for AMD and 71.34% for Intel.

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In January, on the other hand, AMD managed to gain a 2.99% share for Windows and 0.44% for Linux, whereas in February, it was 0.52% for Windows and 2.19% for Linux, a substantial increase in terms of Linux users.

AMD has enjoyed many new users in the 3.3 GHz to 3.69 GHz & 3.7 GHz and above CPU family for both Windows and Linux. This is mostly due to the high demand for both AMD Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series processors.

However, AMD’s main problem is with the stocks and the high demand it is facing from gamers worldwide. Although Ryzen 3000 series are still less affected, the Ryzen 5000 series are in extreme demand, and as new CPUs haven’t been announced yet from AMD and Intel on the budget side, people are buying old discounted CPUs.

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Well, it will interesting to see how this chart rounds up next month onwards as Intel is scheduled to launch the new Rocket Lake-S desktop CPUs, which promise strong single-core performance that will help Intel get back its gaming crown.

Honestly, the competition is heating up, and both AMD & Intel is fighting to gain more users with their new CPUs. Also, AMD needs to bring more Ryzen 5000 series CPUs to counter Intel in the coming days.

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