Nvidia RTX 3090 being out-shelved by the AIB’s

We have heard in recent weeks that Nvidia’s high-end specs CMP (cryptocurrency mining) graphics cards will be launched in the coming months. As such the company’s AIB partner has reportedly started to remove GeForce RTX 3090 blower fan variants from their websites.

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The news doesn’t matter much for most of the gamers as Blower fans aren’t favorite of theirs. The blower fans are infamous for being both loud and inefficient when it comes to cooling graphics cards. If we compare the RTX 3090 with AMD’s RX 480 models that had trouble keeping temps in check, even with a 150W GPU. Then we find that the GeForce RTX 3090 is even worse in this situation. The RTX 3090 features the highest TDP of any single GPU to ever ship. As such and effective cooling is necessary to avoid running into thermal throttling.

Reportedly, Blower fan cards almost always hit higher temperatures than cards with other approaches to cooling. The RTX 3090 uses GPU Boost technology, hence, there is a noticeable amount of performance headroom. 

As for the gamers, it is good news that the CMP cards are being made available by the AIB’s. these cards tend to run more efficiently and noise isn’t a huge priority for their owners, making blower fans a decent fit.

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The RTX 3090 might no longer be available for gamers to purchase but the fact that we are getting a less noisy and more effective option than the blower fans is a matter to rejoice.



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