How to Find out Who Lives at an Address For Free

There can be hundreds of reasons why a person wants to get the proper details of a property. The most common reason is to find out who lives at an address without going through any legal proceedings. We all know that getting public information can include some legal procedures sometimes.

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However, the method that we will share today does not require you to take any assistance and can be done for free. You can simply use CocoFinder to see who lives in that house. Confused? Worry not, here’s everything you need to know about this method and the solution.

What is Address lookup? How does this service work?

Have you ever heard about those services that let you check the owner of a phone number? This service is similar to that one. Instead of entering the phone number, here you need to enter the address that you want to know about. Once you enter that address, this service helps you know every single detail of that property (including the owner’s details). 

It works by searching the public information centers and databases for that information. Billions of pages can be extracted to find the information you are looking for. The best part is- you do not need to file any request to access this information.

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Although this service is popular in most countries, some users still face some issues in using it properly. It is because many fake platforms claim to help you with their services but they are just there to waste your time. Thus, we wanted to find the most trusted platform to use address lookup services.

We recommend the CocoFinder website as the best solution for this service. So, the next time you need such services, it will help you out. Here are some details of this website to help you understand how it works.


CocoFinder is an online portal where anyone can find public information without registering for an account. All the users are allowed to find details of a person, phone number, or address. To use this solution, you need to visit its website and select the feature you want.

After that, you do not need to do much as finding any information on CocoFinder’s website takes only a few seconds. The features like White Pages, Phone lookup, Address lookup, and background check to make it a complete public information finder.

Additionally, it has unbreakable security that ensures your search queries are not shared with anyone. For the same reason, users can get all the information without logging in on this platform. 

How to Find the Owner With CocoFinder

If you are facing issues in using CocoFinder’s address lookup feature, check out this guide. Here are some easy steps to use this feature without creating an account.

Step1: The first step is to visit CocoFinder’s website by clicking on the above link that we provided earlier in the article. Also, you can search it on any search engine and visit its homepage. There, you will find different options including the “Address Lookup” feature. Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the dedicated page of this feature.

Step2: On that page, you can enter the address that you want to look for. Make sure to enter the complete address to get reliable results. Additionally, you can enter the city and choose the state to which this address belongs to. That way, it can easily find the details related to this address.

Step3: After entering the address, click on the search button and it will start looking for similar results from the database. It may also give out a warning to make sure you want to check the results as some people may be surprised by them. After acknowledging that notice, you will be able to check the results on the same page.

Step4: Once the search completes, it will share a proper report where you can check the details of that property. The report is divided into three categories- Property Details, Owner’s Details, and neighborhood details. All these sections help know everything about a property. From the legal details of that address to the owner’s contact number, you can find everything on that report.

We recommend checking out all three sections to understand more about that address. However, you can perform a background check on the owner to get their education records or to access their criminal records.

When to Use an Address Lookup Service?

There are many other reasons behind using an address lookup service. Most people take its help when buying a new property. It helps them verify whether the details provided by the property agent are correct or not. Additionally, it can be an excellent way to know more about the neighborhood. 

In the detailed report, you can find the crime rate of that area along with the average property price of that locality. All that can be accessed without even visiting an information center. Thus, there is nothing to lose with these services.

Some people like to search engines to find this information. However, that data is not much reliable and may change the whole meaning of performing that search. That is why address lookup services are getting popular these days.

Final Words

Finding out the owner’s details of a property is no longer a challenge now. You can easily do it by using a solution like CocoFinder. It is safe, free, reliable, and easy to use. All you need is the address of that property and you can get complete details within a few minutes.

There are many other address lookup services that you can use. However, make sure to use a trusted platform as it might not provide reliable information. On the other hand, CocoFinder provides all the information from the public information databases released by the trusted authorities. 

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