Intel’s Rocket Lake Core i9 and i7 entire specs revealed

Intel’s upcoming Rocket Lake processor line-up has been in the news for a while recently and is the tech town’s hot topic. As we all know, the official announcement and unveiling of the CPUs will be made by Intel on the 16th of March, but we won’t be getting any official of its performance until the end of March. Well, that’s nothing strange, but the strange part is that the highly anticipated processors from intel will also go on pre-order sales on 16th March itself.

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Buyers have to base their purchase only on rumours and leaked specs of the processors and their gut feeling. But the processors are expected to be out of stock soon as tech enthusiasts have been waiting for Intel to launch its Rocket Lake lineup for a long time now. The main reason for this is that Intel’s Rocket Lake architecture represents the first significant architectural upgrade in over 6 years and will feature PCIe 4.0.

According to sources, we have yet more leaks of the companies upcoming CPUs, and accordingly, the company’s flagship Rocket Lake CPU, the Core i9 11900K will be able to boost to an astounding 5.3GHz single-core and 4.8GHz multi-core thanks to Intel’s incredibly mature 14nm process.

The details are quite astounding and give hope that Intel might be able to take the performance king crown back from AMD in the coming years. TDPs range from 25W up to 125W. reports indicate that the Intel Core i9 11900K has an incredible single-core boost of 5.3 GHz coupled with an all-core of 4.8 GHz. Intel will provide Core i9 11900KF, Core i9 11900T, Core i9 11900, and Core i9 11900F flavours for its line-up. Intel has even managed to provide an all-core boost of 3.7GHz in 35W TDP with the Core i9 11900T.

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Speaking of Core i7, it boasts around 4.6 GHz with a single-core boost of 5.0 GHz. According to the leaked benchmarks, the Core i7 family will perform just slightly worse than AMD’s Zen 3 based offerings.

The 14 nm-based Intel’s Rocket Lake line-up is certainly going to be one of the best things that came out from Intel. and we for one are excited to see the official performance review of the CPUs.



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