Microsoft Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PC in its final phases of development

The Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows PC has been in development for quite a while, and now finally, it seems that the app is ready to be launched. According to fresh sources, Microsoft is in the finalizing stages of the Streaming app, including access to streaming games from the company’s xCloud service.

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According to TheVerge, who managed to get access to the latest version of the Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows, an unannounced and unreleased app. The app will let Windows users stream games from their Xbox Series S / X consoles and xCloud.

However, in the current version, according to sources, you can’t stream games from the new Xbox consoles to Windows PC. But Microsoft stated that it will be resolved once the app is finalized. It will also bring xCloud streaming to Windows PCs for the first time.

The Xbox remote play feature, for connecting to Xbox consoles, is similar to the existing Console Companion does. You can remotely wake an Xbox console, sign in, and play games wherever you are.

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According to sources, Microsoft is working on 1080p streams for xCloud, instead of the 720p, which is good news. It will improve the experience on Windows PCs, ahead of higher resolutions once Microsoft has upgraded its xCloud servers to include Xbox Series X hardware.

Microsoft is rumored to be planning a “what’s new for gaming” event for next month, so we may hear a lot more about the company’s xCloud plans.



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