Spotify’s new feature will let you filter your liked songs by mood and genre

Audio streaming application Spotify is making it easier to parse your liked songs by rolling out a new feature that will let users filter their liked songs by mood and genre. As per a report by The Verge, this feature will only be introduced in its mobile apps and no desktop version at this stage is likely

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Your Spotify’s liked songs collection is an easy way to find one of your favorite tracks, but considering all kinds of genres of the songs available there, it makes less than ideal for listening. Your liked songs collection might consist of songs that would be fun in the club but also folky songs for relaxation time, from tear-jerking ballads to bumping rap or trance. You might not want to listen to these right after the other. Thankfully, with the app’s new feature, you won’t have to skip tracks quite so often, and this way, you can enjoy more of what you like without compromising on the vibe.

A minimum of 30 liked songs has to be present in the user’s collections to access the filters. Users can then go to their library, tap into liked songs, and select a filter that is listed across the top that includes rap, trap, chill, folk, indie, electronic and more. Listeners can also swap in a new filter and remove the previous one whenever they like.

As users like new songs, these filters will change. For now, the Swedish audio streaming services provider has said that the new feature will only be rolling out to English-speaking markets, including the US, Canada, and the UK. Over the coming weeks, it will be rolled out to Free and Premium listeners on Android and iOS devices.

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Spotify has created a clear goal of becoming an application for every kind of audio need, including music and podcasts. Although this new feature is not that big a deal, it is the kind of update that makes a product more useful for everyday use.


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