Lenovo announces custom Radeon RX 6800/6900 XT GPUs

A new AIB has entered into the GPU market in the form of Chinese giant Lenovo, the company has brought a custom Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU that will be used in a 2021 7000P LEGION gaming PC.

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Lenovo did post a video that shows the design of the GPU on the Chinese social media platform and it looks more like the older AMD Radeon VII. Now, the main question circulates whether or not Lenovo will be selling these GPUs separately or will be exclusive to its pre-built Legion gaming PCs.

The company has also confirmed the fact that both of the Radeon RX 6800 XT and RX 6900 XT models will be designed by Lenovo, however, the video only shows the custom design of the former. It will feature the same AMD Navi 21 GPU along with 16GB GDDR6 memory along with the same TDPs.

Currently, the stock situation of these new AMD GPUs is worse as you can hardly get one that too at inflated prices. AMD has promised to improve the stocks in the coming days with an estimated timeline of H2 2021.

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via Videocardz

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