AMD’s MI200 ‘Aldebaran’ to feature HBM2E memory support

AMD’s next-generation Instinct accelerator, the MI200, is expected to feature an MCM GPU design. According to the latest information, the red team has decided to increase the production of its upcoming GPU design.

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The 2020 AMD Instinct family will all have CDNA based architecture. The first generation CDNA flagship, the Instinct MI100, was internally codenamed Arcturus. The successor to the Instinct MI100, the MI200, will be named after a huge star and this time. And according to sources, it is expected to be known as Aldebaran.

Reports indicate that in the latest Linux patch support (via Phoronix), the AMD Instinct MI200 could be known as Aldebaran, a giant star located within the constellation of Taur that has a solar radius of 44.13 or 75% more than Arcturus.

If we go with that theory, we can conclude that the Aldebaran will be twice as powerful as Arcturus. The AMD Instinct MI200 ‘Aldebaran’ GPU will feature HBM2E memory support, which allows up to 16 GB memory capacity per stack to expect up to 64 GB HBM2E memory blisteringly fast speeds for Aldebaran.

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Other features include SDMA (System Direct Memory Access) support which allows data transfers over PCIe and XGMI/Infinity Cache subsystems. Rumors indicate that AMD will incorporate its new Infinity Cache design on upcoming Instinct accelerators too. There will also be a new mode known as Performance Determinism in which the PMFW will maintain a sustained performance level.

The new MI200, based on AMD’s cDNA 2 GPU will be fabricated on a brand new process node and will feature a 3rd Generation AMD Infinity architecture that extends to Exascale by allowing up to 8-Way coherent GPU connectivity. It will certainly be interesting to see the real-world performance of the new design.



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