Manchester United will not be able to place a hefty price tag on Pogba

Paul Pogba price is becoming a real concern for Manchester United fans, as well as the club themselves. United previously asked for €100 million flat when there was any talk of selling the player in the past. However, they have one year contract left for the player and the situation is yet to be decided. 

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As much as rumours might dictate the transfer saga, €50 million will not be a number that clubs trying to sign Pogba will be willing to pay since it was publicly announced by his agent that he will be leaving the club on the eve of their Champions League exit. 

All that said, it is risky business that is taking place at the club and they will have to tread carefully to make the most out of the situation on their hands right now. Top players don’t have the impact that others have now. 

The real question is whether the financial side of things will be accepted by the bigger players in the game. The coronavirus pandemic has made things difficult for everybody on the planet, and the finances are not getting any easier. However, with all that said, this summer will be very interesting and it remains to be seen whether Pogba will finally end up leaving for good. 

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