Intel’s Rocket Lake to be publicly launched on 16th March but without any official review

Earlier, we have heard from sources that Intel will be launching its Rocket Lake lineup in the upcoming month of March. But the news has come that the blue team’s upcoming CPU will go up on pre-order even before the reviews hit the web.

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We have only seen Rocket Lake CPUs being teased in various benchmarks and leaks; so far, we haven’t received any official introduction from Intel. The flagship model will be the Core i9-11900K and some information about the Cypress Cove architecture offering double-digit gains.

According to sources, Intel’s Rocket Lake CPU family’s first announcement will be on the 16th of March at 8 AM (Pacific Time). Intel will allow the press to disclose full information regarding its 11th Gen family, including CPU information, specs, and prices. The blue team will also open up pre-orders for its 11th Gen family on the same day, allowing partners and retailers to start advertising the chips officially.

But sources also confirm that we won’t get any reviews for the said chips until two weeks later. The review and sales NDA ends on the 30th of March at 6 AM (Pacific Time). But for those who want to place their pre-orders, they have to decide based on the leaked data, most of which you can find on our website.

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And you will have to wait two weeks before you can get your processor. The CPUs’ gaming performance is similar to the 10th Gen lineup despite synthetic CPU benchmarks showing huge single-threaded performance gains.

Intel will also be releasing the new BIOS with the updated microcode before mid-March to make the launch trouble-free. But having no reviews when the pre-orders go live is going to sway away potential buyers. But we already know that many people have been waiting to buy these chips for a while now; the chips’ initial shock is going to run dry pretty quickly. But it is still strange as to why intel decided to keep pre-orders before any official review.



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