Intel’s Rocket Lake-S CPUs could already be up for sales in Germany

We know that Intel will be releasing its new Rocket Lake-S line of processors on March 16. And the company is also planning to set up pre-order sales for its CPUs on the same day itself. But it is also true that we won’t be getting any official review of the CPU performance until March 30.

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But what we know so far through several leaked benchmarks is that chips such as the Intel Core i7-11700K can hold their own against AMD chips having similar specs. According to sources, a German retailer called is already selling the intel’s CPUs in its retail store.

A user on Videocardz first reported the listing, which costs an exorbitant €469 (including tax). The price is too high for a Core i7 processor, but still, it is the price one has to pay for early access to a highly-anticipated piece of hardware. Sources also confirm that the listing is an actual order list and not for pre-orders. But to know the legitimacy of the CPUs in question one has to take a brave risk and purchase the processor from the said retailer.

From what we know so far, the Intel Core i7-11700K non-K sibling, the Core i7-10700K has already been benchmarked by a YouTube content creator. Though it doesn’t paint the actual picture of the card’s performance, it is what we have for now.

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So if anyone purchases the product from, and if the product is legit, please do benchmark it as soon as possible. We are all dying from anticipation as to how the CPU fairs against AMD’s monsters. But if the listing is a printing error or a marketing strategy, then god will not forgive your soul.



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