Skullcandy Jib True Review: A Premium brand did a pretty good job in the budget segment

The entire wireless earphone market is mostly saturated now. Maximum of the needy consumers already have wireless earphones and as the trend is new, the products are not too old yet. That’s why wearable accessories makers are trying different strategies and applying different technologies to attract customers. Brands like Skullcandy, having confidence in the premium category are working in the budget segment too.

Skullcandy launched Jib True true wireless earphones recently in the budget segment. It’s the second-lowest true wireless earphone from the company side, costs Rs.2,999 only. It’s available to purchase via both the official website of Skullcandy and Amazon India. There are three color options – True Black, Blue, and Chill Grey. Among these three the Blue color is the most attractive, however, I received the Black for review.

Skullcandy Jib True Review

I have been using this product for around a week and here’s my analysis and review of Skullcandy Jib True wireless earphone.

Specifications :-

  • 22 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX-4 sweat- and water-resistant
  • Dual microphones for clean, clear calls
  • Noise-isolation fit
  • Call, track, and Volume control

In the Box :-

  • Jib True Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Extra silicone ear tips
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Paper works
Skullcandy Jib True Review

Design & Build :-

Skullcandy packages the Jib True TWS in a regular fashion. The quality and designing are of the box are pretty standard yet attractive, decorated with the brand logo, images of the buds, and some of the highlights here and there.

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I already mentioned I have the black variant. The case is rectangular in shape with a grey border going horizontally in the middle. The plastic body gets a matt-finish trying to provide a premium in-hand feeling, but for me, it’s way far from the passing score. There is a brand logo on the cap, a white LED light is placed in the front for charging and case opening detection, lastly, you will find the micro-USB port in the back.

Skullcandy Jib True Review

The case is small and not so heavy as compared to other brand cases. You can easily carry it in your pocket anywhere.

Coming to the buds, it has both matt and glossy finish. The multi-function buttons are covered with a rubber layer just under the R-B LED. The ear tips get the gray touch. Skulls, the company logo is also printed on the ear tips, which hardly any audio brand does.

To conclude this section, the overall build quality is neither as good and premium as you can expect from Skullcandy, nor comparable with the other well-known TWS available in the market in this price range from other brands. But it’s also true that the quality is not too cheap so that you can easily ignore it.

Controls :-

You can manage calls and tracks from the buds. Thanks to the multifunction buttons in each bud. All the controls are given below –

Press & hold for 2 secondsPower on
Press & hold for 4 secondsPower off
Press & hold for 2 secondsTrack back
Press & hold for 2 secondsTrack forward
Prece twiceVolume up
Prece twiceVolume down
Press oncePlay/Paus
Press onceTake/End call
Press thriceActivate assistant
Press & hold for 10 seconds after power offReset

Comfort & Usage :-

I already mentioned the weight of the Jib True is easily manageable and compact in size. So you can carry almost anywhere in your pocket to use. The buds are light in weight too. I wear those for over five hours and don’t feel any kind of pain or uneasiness at all. Each bud fits in my ear perfectly and able to block a certain percentage of the outside noises. Thanks to the silicon ear tips.

Skullcandy Jib True Review

Where it’s entirely ok for longer use until you need to use the multi-function buttons frequently. Why I’m suggesting this? While pressing the buttons, the buds want to go inside more in your ear and it’s the uncomfortable thing. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Due to the matt finish, the case hardly catches dart easily; the same for the buds too. On top of that, the IPX4 rating ensures the buds can survive your sweat. In case you need to use it really long, i.e 7 to 8 hours, or more than that, you can use a single bud with solo mode.

Audio Quality :-

Finally the section you have been waiting for. Skullcandy tried its utmost to deliver top-notch audio output along with the latest tech in the budget segment and my experience is mixed kind of.

I tried multiple genres of music from different platforms while testing, alongside movies, podcasts, and games. The Jib True produces pleasant centralized audio output with stereo effect. I usually get a wider range of sound, however, vocals in tracks and movies seem quieter sometimes.

All the properties of the audio output are well balanced. I generally can’t handle tracks in full volume putting earphones on, but Jip True gives me an exceptional experience. Despite that, I recommend always use earphones at 80% volume or lower for safety purposes.

Skullcandy Jib True Review

I hardly play games but manages to refresh myself with COD Mobile to test these buds out. In the gameplay, I hardly face any difficulty to detect the gunshot location, footprints around, and others. As per me, you will also get the same experience.

During calls, I have no complaint at all. The buds can produce the words of the other person accurately every time.

To end this section, you can expect a smooth centralized audio experience from Jib True, not a surround sound. The company is not providing the audio customization facility through software, which is ok considering the price. If available, that could be the biggest challenge for other brands, I’m very confident about it.

Connectivity & Microphone :-

The Skullcandy Jib True features Bluetooth 5.0. As the company is proving the solo connectivity feature, there are Bluetooth modules in each bud. I got around 7 to 8 meters of range in furnished room and the connectivity was strong within the mentioned zone. To pair the buds with your smartphone, you just need to take those out from the charging case, search “Jiv True” in your smartphone, and once you get that tap on it. I didn’t have to wait to pair the buds with my smartphone, I didn’t notice any failure.

If you are expecting dual pairing, sorry to say, it’s not there. This is one of the points the mid-range rivals can counter Skullcandy. To pair with other devices, I had to press any of the multi-function buttons for around 2 seconds to activate the pairing mode, the buds speakers “pairing” at that time. Suppose, the buds are connected to my laptop and I want to pair these with my smartphone. In that case, I have to turn off my laptop’s Bluetooth and press any of the MFBs for two seconds, then only my smartphone can detect Jib True.

Skullcandy Jib True Review

I noticed negligible latency as expected. So, if you have plans to use it while gaming, a green signal from my end. But as it’s not gaming-centric, try to be in casual mode.

The dual microphones of the Jib True pass my test anyway. The other person in the call got my voice clear and exact most of the time. However, some of them complained regarding these. As the majority of the listeners gave positive feedback, I’m taking the final result as positive as well. My Google Assistant also receive all the instructions properly.

Battery life :-

Skullcandy promises to provide up to 6 hours of backup for the buds and with the charging case up to 16 hours more. That means on paper you can play with the Jib True for up to 22 hours long. There is a micro-USB port to refill the charge which takes around 2 hours. No fast charge technology to avail.

In the practical field, I get almost 6 hours of backup most of the time, keeping the volume at 100%. Post full drainage, two consecutive full top-ups I received from the case. In total, the run time was around 18 hours which is well enough and sufficient for a daily user.

Skullcandy Jib True Review

In the case of charging, I checked three flaws –

  1. The buds and the case get wormed in the first half-hour. The temperature comes down slowly as time spends and the battery goes up
  2. No fast charging. It is found in almost every wireless earphone nowadays in this budget, even under Rs.1,500
  3. It’s not unfair to expect a Type-C charging port in an Rs.2,999 TWS

Pros & Cons :-

Pleasant and balanced centralized audio outputNo fast charging & no Type-C port
Comfortable fittingNo dual pairing
Great battery lifeHeats up while charging
IPX4 waterproofingTolerable build quality
Negligible latency

Verdict :-

Well, my entire experience comes to an end, and now, time to sum up all the things to generate the final result.

The new Skullcandy Jib True wireless earphone has strengths like the rich sound quality and great battery life. But it’s not the champion at Rs.2,999 price tag in terms of the features, compare to other wireless earphones available out there. Keeping the feature count on the side, if the sound quality is the only and ultimate concern, you hardly get a match of Skullcandy Jib True at Rs.2,999. It’s up for sale on Skullcandy’s official website as well as via Amazon India. You can check out the link given below to buy.



Design & Build
Comfort & Usage
Audio Quality
Battery life


If the sound quality is the one and only concern to you at around Rs.3,000, Skullcandy Jib True wireless earphone is the best choice at present
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.

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