OPPO showcases its latest breakthrough in wireless charging technology

With the advancement in technology, the demand for high-performing devices is increasing in the market. Users are not only looking for efficiency but also speed and accuracy. Currently, the field of wireless charging technology is seeing some interesting innovations.

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Wireless charging, also known as remote or over-the-air charging uses millimetre-wave energy to a receiver on the mobile, to charge the battery. it is the charging technique of the future.

Earlier we saw the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, who claimed to demonstrate its prototype remote-charging system, called Mi Air Charge. Soon after Motorola announced the showing of its competing One Hyper standard.

It seems that some big tech giants are running after the said technology, and now, OPPO has also jumped on this bandwagon with one of its own. The smartphone manufacturer and innovator, has shared its own clip of what is depicted as a phone using a form of wireless charging that kept working even when the (completely unconnected) device in question was lifted off a surface.

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The video was only released as a teaser for OPPO’s MWC Shanghai 2021 showcase. It, however, does not mention any specs for the breakthrough in wireless technology. According to sources, the OEM also intends to bring its fastest 125W wired charging system to the show, as well as its 5G CPE product and the Reno5 smartphone series.  

OPPO has also released its new concept of the X 2021, its new slidable phone. And according to the manufacturer, the new wireless technology comes built-in into its new concept phone model.

For now, there are no new details about the tremendous breakthrough from OPPO, but still, the company is indeed stepping high in the wireless technology market. We just have to wait until MWC Shanghai progresses over the next few days.



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