Netflix has launched a new Automatic Downloads feature

Netflix is a company that has given some tough competition with online video streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and also Disney Hotstar in India. The topmost contain streaming platform Netflix on Monday has announced a new feature that anyone can download automatically recommended content for users only using their smartphones.

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Netflix has launched a new feature of ‘Downloads for You’ that can automatically download the recommended shows or movies to the user’s mobile device based on their tastes. Netflix had also said that three years ago, they had introduced Smart Downloads so you could find the next episode of your favourite show even when you were on the go. Now they want to make discovering your next new favourite series or film quickly and easily whether you were connected or not.

The company that competes with the other video streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Disney Hotstar in India has said that users will always be in control of the number of content is download to their service.

The users will visit the ‘downloads’ tab on their smartphone device and can toggle on downloads for you. After that, they can choose the amount of content that they want to download for their device. It basically depends on how much space they have allowed downloading the more recommended Netflix movies.

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Among all the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Hotstar that have experienced massive growth in the Indian market in the last few years on the back of cheap data tariffs and the availability of all the affordable mobile devices. After this pandemic situation, all viewers have preferred to watch movies and series online at home safely. There are also a huge collection of movies and series available on the OTT platform.

During the pandemic situation, all these digital platforms have achieved massive growth, like visiting movie theatres. There is a significant amount of OTT content consumed on mobile phones in the country, and all these platforms have confirmed that this viewing will optimize for the viewing on the mobile phone.


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