NVIDIA makes a decisive stand against mining

It’s no surprise that crypto mining has taken the tech community by storm, and out of all tech available, Nvidia’s latest GTX 3000 series cards are the most preferred choice of crypto miners. And it seems that Nvidia is not supportive of that fact.

According to multiple sources, the company plans to limit its RTX 3060 cards’ hash rate to once again prove its hard stance against people using the GeForce GPUs for mining.

In that vein, @koustav-debpite7kimi claims that NVIDIA may even phase out its current RTX 30 series cards for new SKUs with anti-mining features built-in. While we may think that this is an over-the-top prediction, our leaker has been correct most of the time, like when he correctly predicted that the company would start a battle against mining in late January.

The leaker also claims that Nvidia bringing hardware upgrades to the new cards might not become a reality, but the green team might surely assign every current RTX 30 series card with a new SKU.

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So, to sum it up, Nvidia will be making its soon-to-be-released RTX 3060 an anti-mining GPU. But the existing cards will not be patched in any way. However, reports indicate that this will not be Nvidia’s only stand against the miners. Every card which the company will release henceforth will have anti-mining features.

But, sources also indicate that NVIDIA could release new BIOSes and drivers to limit hash rates across its Ampere product stack. But those updates will not be as foolproof as the technology it has integrated within the RTX 3060 is.



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