Twitch expected to enter India as their India’s Mumbai and Chennai servers go live

Glad tidings for gamers in India now, as Twitch India servers were offline after proper setup, but the servers’ status report now says that the server is now online.

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As per a Tweet by GemWire, Twitch’s Chennai and Mumbai servers are now active. The tweet says “Live streaming platform @Twitch is likely making its way to India with the addition of local servers! The Mumbai and Chennai servers are seen to be online.”

Twitch’s activation of Mumbai and Chennai servers indicated that they are likely to make their way to India once again.

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However, Twitch has not made it official, and users are only hoping that they will soon make it online. However, the existence of their local servers indicates that Twitch may have now started recognizing the gaming and streaming potential of India. But severs in India of Twitch are now online.

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In 2016, when Twitch made its way to India, the lack of servers in India was a major aspect for the gamers’ industry, especially to those who criticised it as a roadblock. Back in 2018, after their exit, their service was considered as a saving grace for unofficial IPL streams, but the fact was the site was itself banned by Indian ISP– Jio.

In the past few years, numerous Indian content creators joined Twitch and started streaming over there. Later on, they were demoralized due to high concealment because their servers were located at a distance.

Although, their re-entry to India after attempting it once in 2018 was maybe an issue itself for Twitch as there are so many live-streaming platforms like Facebook Gaming or YouTube, which already have so many user bases, and viewership.


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