Top 10 Horror Movies available on Amazon Prime Video in 2021

There is no doubt that horror film has always the ability to give some thrilling experience that is enough to dare. There are a lot of terrific horror movies available on this OTT platform. All the OTT platforms have always tried to fulfill the demand to supply all the categories of movies to the viewers.

The platforms have left no crisis to equip with the necessary resources to amaze the audiences with the special effects and advanced CGI that is needed to supply a satisfactory experience. There are many outstanding horror-thriller films to watch On Amazon Prime Video and also the story of some films is really enough to bring a nightmare to you.

Here is a list of Top 10 Horror movies on Amazon Prime Video in 2021:

10.Grave Encounters

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The story of this film is based on a crew who had entered the mental hospital in the filming of some paranormal activity but they had got more than their expectation.


It is very difficult to discuss this offbeat teen horror movie Excision without saying about what happens at the end that is much predictable in its way.


It is a bloody fairytale movie made by Clive Barker. The story is about four pale demons who had fitted out in bondage gear. One of the images of a bald demon with nails and pounded into his skull is the most terrific image in this film.


It is Ciaran Foy’s thriller film citadel in which a therapist depicts an intensely agoraphobic Aneurin Barnard that if he carries out himself as a victim more likely to be targeted by criminals.

6.The Cabin in the Woods

This film has brought this genre and twists to another level. The story depicts the fore Whedon’s love of subverting clinches after embracing them and teasing out the internal meaning.

5.Bringing Out The Dead

This film follows the fact that deals with a far less sociopathic variety of fragile psyches. The story is focusing on less than the forward momentum of its story than the overall tone with another version of New York as hell from the team behind the Taxi Driver.

4.The Lighthouse

This film is an incredible horror film that may bring a nightmare to you. Robert Pattinson has depicted through his haunted eyes that he used to fix on Kristen Stewart and also how Dafoe uses that toothy globin grin of his for mirth or menace.


It is one of the deadliest films. The story is about the two siblings who have dug a hole in hell. This film also overlays its footage and audio distortions that may or may not be the work of quick glimpses of this genre film.

2.Paranormal Activity 3

If you already have watched the two movies then you will definitely about the thrilling experience. The story of this film is based on such paranormal activity with cameras in the bedroom, Smith mounted of rotating fans and then from dining room from the kitchen.

1.Night Of the Living Dead

It is also a horror-thriller film. the story is film is just not about the gore but also with the film rotting, flesh-eating ghouls that can definitely be delivered on the zombie premises, as well as any other film, had ever before.


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