FIFA 21: Is the 88-rated Curtis Jones Future Star card worth doing?

The Future Stars promo is going on in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. This promo includes young players who have the potential to make it big. The Future Stars Team 2 is headed by 92-rated ST card of Ansu Fati.

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Liverpool player Curtis Jones has got an SBC player pick. You can opt for an 88 LM card or an 88 CM card. I have picked the 88 CM card.


  • Liverpool
    • Min. 1 Player from Liverpool
    • Min. Team Rating: 83
    • Min. Team Chemistry: 80
    • Number of Players in the Squad: 11
  • England
    • Min. 1 Player from England
    • Min. Team Rating: 85
    • Min. Team Chemistry: 70
    • Number of Players in the Squad: 11
  • Premier League
    • Min. 1 Player from Premier League
    • Min. Team Rating: 86
    • Min. Team Chemistry: 65
    • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

SBC Expiry date: 27/2/2021
Expected price: 400k FIFA coins

Is the card worth doing?

As you can see, he has a decent stat in every department. His physical and defending stats would allow you to use him as a defensive-minded midfielder who can dictate the play from the middle of the park with excellent vision and short and long pass.

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The Curtis Jones 88 CM card also has a pretty good pace for a midfielder and decent shooting and dribbling. He has a high work rate for both defence and attack, making him one of the very few CM cards with all-round attributes.

The Curtis Jones Future Star card also has a Flair trait, and he has a good height of 6’1″ so you can expect to win some headers in the middle of the park.

I have played him in the middle of my 3 man midfield alongside Kevin De Bruyne and Dybala. Jones acts as a midfielder who will guard the defence but would also get forward to start the attack. I have played FUT Champions match with him, and he has been pretty good for me.

So, if you’re looking for an intricate LM or a CM maestro, you should definitely get him done through the SBC. It is too good a card to ignore, and the in-game statistics are also outstanding, which makes it worth doing the SBC.

If you’ve done this SBC, let me know in the comments below about your experience while playing with the 88-rated Curtis Jones Future Star card.

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


  1. I´ve got owen, is this an upgrade for AMC? I like him, beacuse I can link him with salah Mane and rooney

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