Top 10 Best TV Shows to watch on HBO Max

We all know about HBO Max who has delivered a lot of incredible, outstanding shows and movies to us on the television. This channel has even many more to give than the excellent selection of shows in HBO’s premium library.

Many new talents of original content and also with co-productions with the other networks bring new stories. This channel has a lot of interesting stuff to watch on this. It will be going to stream many fantastic TV shows in February 2021.

Here is a list of the top 10 TV Shows to watch on HBO Max:


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This is an interesting comedy show but not an average comedy based on a young woman who has shifted newly to London. Marnie, who has faced many struggles with a form of OCD that is called Pure O, for which she gets intrusive thoughts of sex even in the worst moments.


It is also an incredible black comedy from London to Newcastle, Australia. This show is based on the misfortune of a woman who has lost everything after the sudden death of her husband and then forced to return to her hometown with her son and daughter.

8.Stath Lets Flats

This is one of the latest British TV shows with British Humor. Stath is a Greek-Cypriot agent whose father hands him a job working for his company. In Stath’s new vocation he has showing flats to the potential customers about the electricity cut-off or the blaring of security alarm since he has forgotten the code.


This comedy-drama show is based on the lives of a British family who have just returned from a holiday in France and finds a passenger hiding in the backside of their car. Besides, there are also many funny incidents in this series regarding their new home.


It is also a horror TV show. The story of this shoe is based on a woman who had purchased an old mansion and taking the help of her builder husband. With the money problems, their reno plans are not worked due to their ghostly residents who want the house for themselves.

5.Search Party

This TV show has caught an attraction of the audience on HBO Max. This show is based on the story of four clueless millennials at the larger extremes with bizarrely intelligent Susan Sarandon Cameo. Dory who is a teen detective to searches for a missing woman she knows barely in university.

4.It’s a Sin

It is assumed as the best TV show of 2021. This TV show is based on a group of young gay men who are living in London during the ’80s when the first time HIV/AIDS was diagnosed.

3.Love Life

This is basically an anthology show that mainly focuses on the different love life characters until they will find the person they are meant to live with. The first chapter is about Anna Kendrick’s Darby who is an art collector dating a lot of different men with strange results.

2.The Flight Attendant

It is one of the best new thriller featuring Kaley Cuoco coming out on HBO Max. In this show, Cuoco who is a flight attendant sleeps with a passenger on a night out. After waking up in the morning she finds herself with a dead body in her bed.

1.Raised by Wolves

This show can satisfy those who want to spend time in the world fetched to the screen with the help of Ridley Scott. The story is about a father and a mother who wants to establish a human colony on a new planet after the religious war that destroys the Earth.


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