All details of the upcoming Electric Cars of TATA Motors in 2021

Nowadays, automobile technology has reached another level all over the world. Once driving a noise-less, electric car was a dream to people, but now the E-Vision company has the possibility of causing a noise-less, electronic 4-wheeler in India. An electric car is still futuristic to the people but the day is very ne3ar than one can think.

From the recent press release report, it is confirmed that over 4 million cars are purchased in a year all over the world. Over 98% of these cars will be fueled by non-renewable sources of energy like Petrol, Diesel, and Gasoline which produce harmful and toxic gases after burning the fuel.

The combustion engine has been used in present-day cars that generate some hazards to the environment. On the other hand, Electric vehicles will run on rechargeable lithium batteries and can reuse them several times without any harmful effect on the environment.

It is expected that electric mobility will be the future of transport all over the world, even in India. TATA motors have come in India with various electric cars in the deft of passenger cars in India.

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TATA Motors has launched four types of Electric Cars in India:

1.TATA Electric Car: Tigor EV

Price: INR 10-INR 12 Lakhs

There is no doubt that TATA is one of the main key driving forces in the development of the Electric Mobility roadmap for India. This electric giant will execute the maximum power of 30KW. TATA will launch this car with the three-phase AC Induction Motor. It is expected that a 216Ah battery will be used to drive Tigor EV to produce a maximum voltage of 72 Volts.

This speed of the car will go to a maximum of 100kmph. It will take 360 minutes to charge the battery fully in normal condition, if you want to charge this fast mode then it will take 90 minutes. One of the main challenges of this car is charge time and range. TATA will look after these issues to solve the problem.

2.TATA Electric Car: Tiago EV

Price: INR 8-INR 10 Lakhs

The next Electric car model is TATA Tiago EV. This car will also be powered by a three-phase AC Induction Motor. It is expected that the battery will be 216Ah and can provide a maximum speed of 100Km in one charge and the maximum speed is 135 kmph. It will also take 360 minutes in normal condition to charge the battery fully and 90 minutes for the fast charging.

3.TATA Electric Car: E-Vision EV

Price: INR 23-INR 25 Lakhs

The E-Vision model is one of the first premium C-Segment electric power sedans in the country. The TATA team is working on the latest battery pack for the E-Vision and launch with a system that can last at least 300-400km range and give a force the car over 200 kmph speed. The design of this car model is very unique. The exteriors of this car will give a stance with fluidic lines and also with in-body door handles.

4. TATA Electric Car: Altroz EV

Price: INR 11.50-INR 13 Lakhs

TATA Motors also working on an electric version of the latest Altroz hatchback. This model will use Tata Ziptron comprising of permanent magnet AC motors that will energies the front wheel with a single-speed gearbox. It  is expected that it will cover 250-300 km in a single charge and also will be charged 80 percent in an hour.


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