Harry Maguire was fined by his own teammate, Nemanja Matic

Manchester United Harry Maguire was fined by his teammate Nemanja Matic.

Harry Maguire has admitted that he breached the rules set by the group of players inside the squad. Harry Maguire and Nemanja Matic is a part of that group. The group keeps a close eye over proceedings at their Carrington training base. It is made to maintain discipline within the squad and hand out fines for any transgressions, including poor timekeeping.

However, Harry Maguire was accused of breaching the rules made by the group and caught by Nemanja Matic. The 27-year-old English defender was fined by the Serbian.

Maguire revealed, “I’ve been fined once which is still debatable.”

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“It’s crazy but I let Nemanja do it. I took the hit and put the money in the pot.”

“When you meet in the gym before training for pre-activation you are not allowed your phone. We did pre-activation, I didn’t have my phone.”

“But then you go outside to put your boots on and you aren’t allowed to go on your phone in that period. I had my phone and carried it out with me.”

“I wasn’t on my phone because straight after training I was going to put my trainers back on and go up for a massage instead of coming all the way back.”

“I could have gone straight to a massage and Nemanja fined me for that. He’s strict with everyone so I’m happy. I can set the standard.”

It is a great initiative to maintain the discipline. Harry Maguire set a great standard by maintaining the rules.

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