Well if you have already read the title of this article I hope you have guessed in which direction this article is going. About an hour ago Samsung’s YouTube channel has shared a very interesting video where they showcased a new type of phone cover that will grab your attention at the first look. It is a smart smartphone case, yes you heard it right, smart. How smart? Well, it can interact with your phone and can display customized LED lights in various situations and ways. Let’s first have a look at the official video of this gadget.

I hope you have seen the full video, so let’s discuss what really happened in the video. The Smart LED Cover is a Samsung Phone cover that has the unique feature of displaying LED lit emojis. There is a bunch of pre-loaded emojis that you can choose from and you can also customize your own emojis as well for display. It is available in two different colours – white and blue.

How to select and create Icons?

Step 1: Launch the LED Cover App
Step 2: To select chose icons from the pre-loaded options or preset library
Step 3: To create your own tap on LED icon edit
Step 4: Then click on the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen and draw on the dark screen and click the Save button at the top to save it.

You can also use it in sync with other apps and features like the camera app and calling feature. In this case, you can select the ‘Taking a picture’ option and then go to the camera app, then set the timer, and tap the shutter. Then turn the phone and you will see the countdowns in LEDs and thus it will help you to click the picture knowing the timer with your back camera. On the other hand, you can also select a custom emoji to blink when a particular person calls you.

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These are the demonstrated uses of this Smart LED Cover from Samsung.


  1. Are these out in the wild yet for the S21 Ultra?
    I have the limited function LED cover for the S20 Ultra and would like this enhanced one for my new phone when it comes in a few days.
    I can’t even find any information on the Samsung site, not that they are reliable.
    Any help???

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