Apex Legends Season 8 unleashing ‘Fuse’, map updates, and much more

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Finally, the wait is over, today Apex Legend Season 8 is going to release, and it includes the new exciting character, some map changes, and many more. The last season introduced a character named ‘Horizon’ and a new map, ‘Olympus’. Take a look at all those updates and changes about Season 8.

Apex Legends Season 8 Release Date

February 2 is the release date of the 8th season of Apex Legends. As soon as the previous season ends, a new season of Apex Legends begins every time.

The design director at Respawn, Jason McCord has told that finally the damage trackers will be included in Season 8. Players were asking for this feature in recent months.

New Character in Season 8

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The new legend to join the game, is Fuse, an explosive expert. He carries one extra grenade in each inventory slot and able to shoot them faster and further. This character’s tactical ability is to launch a series of cluster mines that splinter into multiple small bombs and hits enemies in a large area. His ultimate ability is called the Motherlode and unleashes a bombardment that encircles the target area in a flames wall.

You will find some similarities in Fuse with Bangalore who also carries a grenade launcher. Having the increased velocity and range of throwing grenades, it looks like, Fuse’s teammates are going to feed all their explosives to him.

New Weapon

In this season, a new weapon will be added to the gallery, which is the 30-30 Repeater. This weapon is compatible with heavy ammo and deals a lot of damage in each shot. This 30-30 Repeater reloads one round at a time.

Map Updates

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As we have seen in the trailer that Kings Canyon is going to get some changes. Now the players who snipe well can go up to the observation towers with the crashed ship’s zip-lines.

The bunkers are replaced with Explosive Holds, which contains many higher tier attachments, weapons, and ammo. The Slum Lakes are also destroyed. Now there you’ll find Spotted Lakes.

Anniversary Collection

According to a well-known data miner, Shrugtal has tweeted that there will come an anniversary collection in Season 8. It seems that the developers are bringing back some classic Apex Legends skins from the past seasons, but with the new colours.

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