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With the pandemic keeping you indoors for the most parts of your days, some sports action or sports news can help you keep going. If you are indeed a sport lover, and if you love to read sports news in English, as well as in Hindi, then Parimatch News can be your daily doctrine. With the latest sports news of more than 10 different sports from all over the world, Parimatch News is simply as good as it gets. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What is Parimatch News?

Parimatch News is an endeavour from the famous European company Parimatch, which has originally earned its credentials in the sports betting industry. But with parimatch news, the veteran organization is trying to take over the sports news industry as well, and they are off to a good start, it has to be said. Here are a few basic facts about Parimatch News:

  • Parimatch News only came to life in 2020 and has grown in stature ever since its inception. You can find the latest sports news everyday on the site, in English and also in Hindi, as the Indian audience is seen as the main target group of the esteemed company.
  • Parimatch news contains the latest sports news from all over the globe, and from almost all the major sports in the world, but the main focus there is clearly on the likes of football news and cricket, as they are considered the most popular sport entities in India. 
  • The website also has a traditional Parimatch vibe, with the interface being colored with yellow and black shades. The outlook is quite stylish and keeps you hooked.
  • You can get sports news at the fastest time in this website, and if you know about the trustworthy nature of its parent company, Parimatch, then it won’t come as a surprise to you either.

Sports News on Parimatch News

Parimatch News covers a lot of ground when it comes to the number of sports. They provide news and thoughtful sports articles on:

  • Football,
  • Cricket,
  • Tennis,
  • Kabaddi,
  • Boxing
  • Esports (Gaming),
  • Formula-1,
  • Motosports,
  • Badminton,
  • Basketball,
  • Hockey etc.

You can find these sports categorized on the website in a very organized manner.

Quality of Content

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Parimatch News has a unique aura about its sports articles. Its writing style and structure changes from one sport to another. The latest sports news comes at quick rates and they are accurate. The writers at work there are quite adept at taking you inside the news and making you feel it in a deep and emotional manner. The quality of content on the Parimatch sports news website is praiseworthy, to say the least.


In the short time that Parimatch News has been operating, it has garnered some success as well, particularly in one sport. They have become major sponsors of two of the teams in the Indian football competition, the Hero Indian Super League (Hero ISL). The teams are:

  • Kerala Blasters (The Yellow Army), and
  • North East United

Special Offerings on Parimatch News

Who doesn’t like a special offer or two regarding their favourite sports, especially when it comes for free? Parimatch news has, in the past and also currently, provided the sports fans, particularly hailing from India, with opportunities to win different prizes through the sports website. These offerings are exciting and also instrumental in holding onto their fans and also in getting new ones. In order to participate in these competitions, all you need to do is to sign-up on the website and follow the instructions.

Parimatch Newsletter

Parimatch News also offers you a sports newsletter service, through which you can get the latest news on your favourite teams or sports directly delivered to your email. The service is adequate and they send the articles in a timely and articulate fashion as well.

What Makes it Better than Other Sports Sites? 

Why we think Parimatch News could become one of the biggest names in the Indian sports industry, in the near future, is the fact that it’s distinctive from other sports news websites currently available in the market. But what are these unique features? Let’s see.

  • Parimatch News has a unique Indian vibe about it.
  • It covers sports news in English and also in Hindi.
  • It immerses in communication with its fans and followers through the comment sections.
  • Interaction with fans through different offers and competitions.
  • It has an authentic “trending articles” section.
  • Very low amount of ads popping up.
  • The categorization of sports is done in an organized way.
  • Active presence on social media.

Parimatch News on Social Media

If you like to read and share sports news on your social media accounts, you can always follow Parimatch News on them. Parimatch News is actively present on these social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

They have done a great job at mixing sports with entertainment, that too in a very fun way. Their YouTube video presentations are quite impressive as well. They also interact with their sports fans on these platforms. They reply very swiftly and have a calming manner about them. 

Bottom Line on Parimatch News

As a growing sports content provider, who are yet to establish themselves permanently in the global and Indian market, Parimatch News and its sports contents are exceptionally good and different in so many ways. They have an interactive and very fan-oriented sports news presenting style. If you are a sport worshipper and are always thirsty for good quality sports news and content on the go, then Parimatch News should be a genuine consideration.

Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.

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