Xiaomi had officially introduced world’s first air charging technology on 29th January with its first product Mi Air Charge Technology that can charge your device wirelessly without any cable or stand up to a certain meter radius.

This is the best charging technology one can opt for. The charging tech will allow users to charge their device without attaching any object to their phones while they are in the charging range. The only condition is there must not be any kind of obstacles in between your device and the charge emitting stationary object.

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Motorola has also showcased their first truly wireless charging technology named Motorola One Hyper. A true wireless charging dock that can charge smartphones within a displayed range of 80-100cm. The video in which the Motorola One Hyper is showcased is here.

In this video we can see the Motorola One Hyper is placed at a distance and on the line of charging are placed two smartphones respectively at 80cm and 100cm. After placing two smartphones in the line of charging both of them started charging. Though it is not mentioned at how much rate based on the distance the charging will happen on each of the devices. Another noticeable factor about the One Hyper is that if any obstacle is placed on the line of charge between the station and the smartphones, the later will stop charging.

According to Motorola, the air-to-sir charging distance can be far better than the current Qi technology-based contact charging. It can be used to charge multiple devices at the same time. The company claims it is safe in case of truly wireless charging.

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