Tesla Model S 2021 receives a new infotainment system with 10 TFLOPSs of power, can play Cyberpunk and Witcher 3

Not so long ago, the world was busy comparing the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) with the Xbox Series X in terms of computing power, and we saw KFC also join the mix with its KFConsole coming with a chicken frier inside, now Tesla has come up with a gaming console on wheels. The updated Tesla Model S for 2021 and beyond is essentially an entertainment powerhouse on wheels.

Along with changes to the car powertrain, the American Electric Vehicle (EV) company announced that the updated Model S (which wasn’t updated since 2012) would feature a new infotainment system with the Tesla Arcade gaming platform. Updated on its website, Tesla says this system will have 10 teraflops of power, last we checked, that is just as powerful as the PS5! 

Image: Tesla

The upgraded Model S features a 17-inch display with a resolution of 2200 x 1300 pixels, giving good competition to some of the best gaming laptops we have seen in recent times. Tesla says the screen is “ultra-bright, produces good colors, and you can tilt it left or right.” The gaming bit in the EV has received substantial upgrades. 

Tesla did not announce what chip is used for the new system, although it is rumored that it is powered by an AMD RDNA2 chip, likely Navi 23 GPU (there have been no leaks on CPU design yet). AMD has not yet announced this mid-ranged GPU. According to Video Cardz, “it is rumored that the new GPU will have 32 Compute (or shall we say Commute?) Units, which means 2048 Stream Processors. To achieve 10 TFLOPS of power, the GPU would have to be clocked at 2.44 GHz.”

Image: Tesla
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Tesla is already taking preorders for the new Model S, and it is 80K USD. The cars will be available in March, and it is predicted that it will align with a possible announcement from AMD of this new graphics chip. Please note that this information about AMD GPU has not been confirmed yet and still a rumor.

Tesla ArcadeSony PS5Xbox Series X
CPUTBC7nm AMD Zen27nm AMD Zen2
CPU ConfigTBC8C/16T8C/16T
CPU ClockTBCup to 3.5 GHzup to 3.8 GHz
GPU Config32 CUs (?)36 CUs52 CUs
GPU Clock2.44 GHz2.23 GHz1.83 GHz
Performance Targetup to 200mph4K up to 120fps4K up to 120fps
Price$79,990$399*-$499* Digital Edition$499
Release DateMarch 2021November 2020November 2020
SOURCE: VideoCardz

Elon Musk confirmed with a Tweet that the new infotainment system would be able to run Cyberpunk. According to the official renders, the system will also play Witcher 3, both known as very demanding PC titles. For those interested in audio, according to MSN, “there’s a 22-speaker system with a rated output of 960 Watts and active noise canceling system.”



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