“Fate: The Winx Saga” review: A new take on the Fairy story

After the first episode of “Fate: The Winx Saga,” it is felt so familiar. The new series of Netflix follows Bloom (Abigail Cowen), who is redheaded and a bright-eyed American fairy with a mysterious past who registers at Alfea. It is a legendary fairy school situated undisclosed magical place in the Other World.

She is gorgeous, beautiful, and spunky that can easily catch Sky’s attention (Danny Griffin), the most famous boy in school and ex-boyfriend of her jealous friend, Stella(Hannah van der Weshuysen). Bloom has recently got to know about her powers while she lost her control and try to set the house of her family’s ablaze.

The teachers still agree about the incredible potential that Bloom possessed in her. This fact depicts when Bloom explores her powers instead of running. After knowing her family history and her individual strength, Bloom will become the most extraordinary fairy in school.

Brian Young produces this series; it adapts Iginio Straffi’s Italian cartoon named “Winx Club.”  But the Netflix one is more aesthetical with a CW drama than the source component. After watching this series, it may feel that a tortured Mary Sue fiction fan comes to life.

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Mary Sue is an appropriate character who has connections with everyone. The trope isn’t limited to fan fiction; many heroic characters have qualified in it. In fanfiction, Mary sue is very infamous for shoehorned into an existing narrative; it is basically the writer’s extension to make everything revolve around them.

Bloom’s character is the main aspect of the series, which is a mixture of clinches. There is also a golden boy Sky, a heartbroken princess Stella, an aspiring bad boy Riv and, also there is a black girl Aisha who is Bloom’s roommate. Two characters are close to breaking out of Musa and Terra; both are empathy and earth fairy.

This series is like a modicum of self-awareness. While bloom meets the first time with Aisha, they immediately discuss Hogwarts’s house to identify the most and size each other up accordingly. It is a shocking, strange, and very familiar series.

When it was adapted from the animated show, it was largely targeted the pre-teens. In this series, fairy teens don’t just steal to the woods to flaunt their powers, but also they have played beer pong, curse each other out, and also making jokes apart about “butt stuff.”


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