Tesla claims that an Engineer stole data Just Days Into the Job

Tesla Inc. former software engineer was ordered to present before a judge to face allegations that three days into his job that man has started stealing important files and transforming them into a personal storage account.

After his two-week employment of Jan 6, Alex Khatilov who stole over 6000 scripts, or files of code, that robotize a broad range of business functions, Tesla has argued in its trade-secret theft complaint.

The U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers has convinced by the car company that the threat posed is serious enough that she granted a hindering order Friday requiring Khatilov to preserve and return all files, records, and emails to the company immediately and ordered to appear before her, remotely, on Feb. 4.

The electric-car maker of Elon Mask has aggressively followed lawsuits against all the other former employees and rival companies that it is a plan of poaching engineers and stealing important data.

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Khatilov, a software automation engineer, was hired as one of the select few Tesla employees to access the files, which were unrelated to his job according to the company. Tesla says it had to appeal because Khatilov is not considering his theft and tried to delete its evidence.

Khatilov was surprised and also upset by Tesla’s lawsuit. As he was said in an interview that after his hiring on Dec. 28, Tesla sent him only a file containing information for new hires. He said that he had transferred it into his Dropbox of clod account to use it later on his personal computer.

Khatilov said that nobody had told him that using Dropbox is prohibited. Also, he said that he doesn’t know why they claim it’s sensitive information while he had no access to any sensitive information. The Companies want to protect their files normally; they block their improper installation that he added. Days later, in the security context, Khatilov said that he showed Tesla the information in his Dropbox and deleted all the data at the company’s request. After a few hours later, Tesla called and fired him.

After the investigations, Tesla said that they had found thousands of confidential files in Khatilov’s storage. Still, the engineer said he just had forgotten about them and tried to destroy the data at the start of the interview. It is not cleared though that if he previously copied or sent the files to other locations. The engineer said in an interview that he didn’t send anything to anyone or anywhere.


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