Online Gambling in India – Your Guide to Betting Options

Online gambling is enjoyed by players all over the world, but some countries have strict restrictions and laws in place. As a player from India, you will want to learn how online gambling works before you choose to join any site online. With thousands of online casinos and sports betting sites accepting Indian players, the temptation is easy to succumb to. However, players must be aware of current laws and make sure they are playing at a site that is legally operating and offering member protection.

The gambling industry in India is growing daily and is currently worth billions of dollars. With a young population and a large online presence, online gambling is one of the leading pastimes for residents. Players engage in real money play at trusted casino sites daily and are able to access their favorite games, including slots, card games, and even Indian games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

For those interested in gambling in India, we cover some important issues, including whether it is legal to gamble online and how online gambling works in India. One thing to note is that Indian laws break down gambling into games of chance and games of skill. Any game of chance, such as online slots, is considered illegal, where games of skill are legal.

How Online Gambling Works

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When it comes to the operation of online casinos, each country has laws on whether sites can operate and be licensed. Due to the current laws in India, there are no online casinos allowed to operate in the country and no company can promote an online casino. This does not mean that Indian players are out of luck. There are no laws that prohibit players from accessing any offshore casinos or betting sites to engage in real money wagering.

Many of the largest online casino operators in the world now accept Indian players and allow transactions to be conducted in Rupees. Aside from offering top-rated casino games, many sites also have a sportsbook. You can place wagers on sporting events using a single account at these sites and can legally bet and start winning.

Online Sports Betting

Just as many Indians enjoy okaying casino games, many also love to bet on sporting events that take place all over the world. It is believed that more than 3-4 billion is spent on sports betting each year and more than 400 million Indians watch sports. Cricket is the sport of choice in this country and with offshore sportsbooks operating, Indian gamblers have the ability to place bets on cricket matches. While there are no sports betting sites legally operating in India, there are tons of options when it comes to finding sites licensed in other countries.

Based on current laws, sports betting in India is illegal with the exception of betting on horse races. The Supreme Court ruled that horse racing is a game of skill and is legal. All other sports betting is not allowed in any individual state in India.

Online sports betting is a great way to enjoy popular sports from all over the world while having a chance to earn payouts. Despite the strict laws, gamblers can still find many sites that accept Indian wagers and members can enjoy placing bets on cricket, football, tennis, basketball, international sports, and so much more.

The Future of Online Gambling in India

Online gambling has been a topic of debate in the country and many wonder if there will be federal regulations passed that would allow for online casinos and betting sites to operate. Unfortunately, the chances of this happening are slim. The government believes that online gambling can have a negative social impact on Indian residents and does not promote such activities.

For those that wish to play casino games or bet on sports online or by using a mobile device, there are many sites that are available, but none of these are licensed or operating in India. Until laws change, this is how gamblers will have to conduct their wagering. Even though there would be great benefits to regulating online gambling, including the increase of jobs and boosted revenue, the government has made no move to draw up any regulations and stands strong with the belief that online wagering is not beneficial to Indian residents. When you want to play another casino that is not targeting India, that is sometimes possible. For example, South Africa casino sites do accept Indian gamblers. According to you can do that but you will have to pay currency fees as your rupees need to be converted to south african rands.

If you want to bet online and play casino games or wager on cricket or other sports, licensed and regulated online casinos operating offshore are available. Hundreds of sites cater to the needs of Indian bettors and provide a safe and secure environment where real money wagers can be placed. Since India has no plans to legalize and regulate any form of online betting, these licensed offshore sites continue to be the safest and best options.

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