A couple of days ago, Samsung has launched its flagship series of the year, the Galaxy S21 lineup. At the end of launching the top model the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung mentioned something about its Galaxy S pen. As per Samsung, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is well capable to be used with a Galaxy S pen. But it is not available with the box neither you have space in the phone to store and carry it. You have to buy it separately if you want to and as it has no particular carrying space, you need to carry it in your pocket or somewhere else.

S Pen and S Pen Pro for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Additionally, Samsung has said that apart from the traditional Galaxy S pen, there is an S pen Pro as well which is currently not available in the market, but it will be launched later this year. The S pen Pro looks much bigger than the S pen and it comes with more exciting features than that of the regular S pen. Coming to the pricing of the Galaxy S pen, it carries a price tag of $40. For the unknown. it carries different features compared to the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 20 series.

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The design of the device looks like the Apple Pencil in black or for some people, it is like the S Pen of the Galaxy Tab S7. Apart from the larger size, the Pro version has some extra features, such as air gestures which are missing in the regular S Pen. The S Pen doesn’t have Bluetooth as well. As of now, Samsung has neither confirmed the release date nor the price tag of the S Pen Pro but is likely to be released later this year. This too will lack the special phone case where users can store it based on its size.

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