LG hosts virtual CES ‘Future Talk’ on the value of Open Innovation in a new era

LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr I.P. Park took the opportunity of the virtual stage at the all-digital CES 2021 to share the company’s inspiring vision for open innovation in the era of coronavirus pandemic and social distancing. Dr Park explained and demonstrated how open innovation is useful to the company’s latest technological breakthroughs.

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The world has seen a massive change last year. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have realized the importance of maintaining hygiene and taking safety measures. The needs of consumers have also changed.

Dr Park explained this with the example of LG products launched last year. LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, LG Smart Thermal Camera, and many more were launched by LG last year.

Gary Shapiro, president, and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association joined Dr. Park in today’s talk on open innovation. The main discussion was about the growing power of partnership across disciplines and industries to deliver what is right for consumers.

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“Technologies and disciplines are converging to facilitate a host of digital innovations – AI, 5G connectivity, IoT, cloud, sensors, navigation, batteries – and they are transforming mobility which is a huge part of our lives,” Shapiro said.

“And we’re seeing that sort of the change in so many other areas too – transport, logistics, agriculture, healthcare, and even food.”

“It’s not just about individual appliances and devices that have AI capacity and connectivity; it’s more about building an ecosystem where LG and partners work together to expand, enhance and enrich what we offer to those we serve.”- he added.

Dr. Park said, “We come back to the importance of working together across industries, because building and expanding this kind of ecosystem is absolutely a multidisciplinary effort.”

“It’s all about teamwork, collaboration, and partnership when it comes to innovation for a better life in the age of digital transformation.”

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