PlayStation 5 Sales go live today; the units are sold out

If you are wondering as to when the newly launched PlayStation 5 will be available in the Indian market then here is the news for you guys. The PS5 manufacturer announced that it has finally planned and is ready to launch the next-gen consoles in the Indian market.

Sony company announced that the PS5 gaming console will finally launch in the country on February 2. On a Twitter post, Sony officially updated about the delay of the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 in India.

It’s not surprising that the company had to delay the release of their console in one of the biggest markets in the world. The company had to face the supply constraint problem which was brought forth by the pandemic and on top of that had to face troubles created by scalpers.

In the Indian market, the PlayStation 5 with 4K Blue-ray Disc Drive edition will be available at a bit higher price of ₹49,990($684). And it seems that India’s biggest online store, Amazon will not be provided any additional bundles with the PS5.

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Today, the PlayStation 5 pre-order sales have gone live and it has been reported that the units have been completely sold out. Indian gamers have been eagerly waiting to devour the launch of the hottest console to date.

One good news is that the pre-order sale is both available for a Prime and non-Prime member of Amazon. So stop wasting your time and order a PS5 for yourself. Remember, GOD of WAR: Ragnarok is at work, which is one of the biggest reasons to own a PS5.

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