Panasonic, Klipsch, and Dolby Atmos to collaborate for new audio design in vehicles

Panasonic is set to collaborate with Dolby Atmos and Klipsch to introduce a new innovation that gives consumers the Dolby atmos experience in their vehicles. The partnership was announced at CES 2021 with the end product expected to be a proof-of-concept result that engages listeners into a unique and exciting experience. 

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Klipsch will be using many of their fundamental principles in engineering in this partnership to help deliver the best sound possible. One of the main principles is to provide clarity without distortion. Hence, a louder and cleaner audio can be achieved with all the details but without the distortion that is usually found when the volume knob is turned too high. 

Among the other outstanding features that Klipsch office is that of an unbiased frequency range and a huge dynamic color palette that makes sure that no frequency goes unnoticed in a particular recording that is being played. Hence, listeners can hope for a richer and fuller experience.

Panasonic, Klipsch and Dolby Atmos to collaborate for new audio design in vehicles

What makes Klipsch even more unique is the fact that they have engineered the sound to be concentrated at certain locations in a particular setting (which in this case is a car). In this setup, acoustic energy is concerned without wasting it where the sound is not desirable. 

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These principles of Klipsch in audio programming, when added with the missions of clarity and the surround sound philosophies of Dolby Atmos can constitute very promising and exciting technologies for the future. 


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