mmWave 5G TCU is Going to Bring New In-Vehicle Experiences

An advanced whole new wave of connected vehicle technologies is right here, from safety solutions on the roads while driving that alert you of risks, to technology that provides to enjoy concerts from the comfort of their vehicles. To get faster data communication in a vehicle to enjoy different services, the vehicles need to be equipped with Telematic Control Units (TCUs).

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In 2019, Samsung had launched the world’s first 5G-ready TCU, now it has moved its attention to 5G mmWave. When the scenario is to provide a huge quantity of real-time road information to the driver, then the ability of 5G mmWave comes in the front, which is able to transmit a large amount of data at rapid speed. Samsung brings the 5G mmWave with minimum latency, which covers a lot of vehicles at a time and able to communicate instantly between vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure.

Currently, most of the wireless communication solution offers a bandwidth of 5 to 100MHz, whereas the 5G mmWave offers a bandwidth of 100MHz to 1GHz, which is ten times large.

This technology reduces unwanted interfaces and increases the transmission coverage, and allows data to be received and sent at ultra-high speed through faster and stable connection. To achieve this technology, Samsung went through a lot of trial and error before creating the circuit design and produce the mmWave 5G TCU.

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The mmWave base station of Samsung, Compact Macro has 1,024 antenna elements and supports sharp and fine beamforming. The 5G Compact Macro is able to successfully give the service of seamless connectivity to the high-speed cars running at the speed of 200 km/h.

Due to the invention of the mmWave 5G TCU, automation driving has come closer to realization. With no delay, real-time communication gives you awareness in advance about the road conditions. You will not be bored during traveling, you can enjoy the UHD 8K video streaming from your seats in taxis or buses. Along with video streaming, passengers will be able to access content like games, events, and live concerts. The world is eager to experience the in-vehicle 5G TCU technology.



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